Roses I Suppose

Roses I Suppose

Roses I Suppose
oil on linen
11″ x 14

I have no idea what happened to this painting. I can’t find it. It’s very slightly possible I sold it. However, as I’m tied with Van Gogh for least paintings sold in a lifetime, it is unlikely. I may have traded it for alcohol or drugs. That would be more likely than an actual sale, but I don’t recall many in that subculture that have shown the slightest interest in my paintings.

More likely is that my wife tossed it. Perhaps as vengeance for my chucking of her crap figurines over the neighbor’s fence. I’m going to look to see if any of my paintings found their way over that same fence.

I really have only a very vague memory of this piece. I don’t remember getting these flowers. That is my paint brush holder the flowers are in. I wonder where those brushes are. I’m going to need to safety pin stuff to my clothes like my mom did my mittens.


I’m not going to try to manage my anger anymore; going to let ‘er rip.

The issue of bullshit advertising be it from TV or Email/texts has me in a near continuous delirium of rage. The people who produce these ads need to be taken out and shot down like dogs.

Example 1: The Guarantee

Bla bla bla ….I guarantee Cold EZE will shorten your cold or your money back.

I’ll just try that on my next runny nose. If I’m not clear in under 37 minutes I will call for my full refund and then hold my breath. Everybody knows that “REFUND” is a flat out lie. Why can’t we jail those people?

Example 2A: Your information is secure

Banner Health lost my identity along with 3 million others. Their solution to my mental health was to provide 1 year of free ID monitoring. This service let me know that my ID was indeed being sold on the dark net. Still, as an optimist, I didn’t have to pay to find I was screwed. So later after some medical procedure at a Banner clinic I received an email from them saying I should create an account through their patient portal in order to get my lab results. The email stated that I could be assured my data was secure. Suck my wallee.

Example 2B: Your information is secure

Equifax lost my identity again along with the rest of the entire adult population of the USA. They quickly contacted the devil’s disciples ad creators to produce this gem:
Please log on the Equifax website. We will give you a free year of credit monitoring to protect your identity. Really? So for free we may expect a call from you saying, “oh ya, your identity has been sold, watch out now.” If it should be sold past the 1 year mark you won’t even get the courtesy call.

I say we take all the holdings of the execs of Equifax, sell the company, then advertise to all the hackers instead of wasting time looting all the innocent people, send us an email and we will give you a payment directly from Equifax holdings.

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