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Budding Impressionist

by Lisa     This is a painting by my student Susie who is a landscape designer. She is naturally interested in landscape painting and I decided to park her outside the Art Institute for the past two classes so she … Continue reading

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I Can Fix That Car Myself

by WR Jones   Lisa’s story and near tragedy brought back memories of my own car repair experiences.   Not as dramatic to be sure, but illuminating a much higher level of  incompetence.      As a teenager, all my friends worked on … Continue reading

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When Life Happens

by Lisa  I have a story to tell today that has nothing to do with painting, but it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning in the Valley–a good half hour freeway … Continue reading

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Expensive Women

by WR Jones   This is how I feel today; like the man who just came into town on a load of hay.  Saturday my wife and daughter were shopping and came home with a Coach bag for my daughter … Continue reading

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Pinch Me

by Lisa Went on a fabulous cruise yesterday. It was a friend’s birthday, and she and her husband decided to celebrate it with a handful of her friends on their beautiful new dream boat. We took a limo down to Marina … Continue reading

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Still Need A Scanner, Or Cash

by WR Jones  For the image critics here is another bad photo of a drawing on company owned notebook paper.  Before you open your mouth to say one word, YOU pick which child at my orphanage will forego the morning gruel … Continue reading

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One Week Left For Contest

by Lisa I think we should all feel real sorry for Bill and his paper crisis. Please consider a donation of real drawing paper so that he is not relegated to drawing on lined notebook paper. I am posting here, … Continue reading

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