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They Don’t Need Paintin’

  Before I say anything about this painting I feel I must answer that libelous remark by Lisa (see her post “The Painter’s Pursuit Of Dishonesty”).  She likes to needle people.  She didn’t really mean that statement about painting my head … Continue reading

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The Painter’s Pursuit of Dishonesty

 Bill has brought up a good point and put me between a rock and a hard place. I am struggling now to merge my righteous determination to be honest with my full on insistence that we lie as painters. Indeed deception … Continue reading

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Painting – A Lie?

  Lisa tells me it is better to be truthful.  She got started on this tack when she caught me being dishonest.  It didn’t take any great deductive skills on her part; I told her I was a fighter pilot … Continue reading

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