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The Art of Garage Sale-ing

by Lisa  I am very excited. I checked the local neighborhood paper, and there are MANY garage sales listed for tomorrow. I go ‘saleing’ every chance I get on Saturdays because that is where I find my treasure trove of … Continue reading

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Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest; A Treatise On Stupidity

By W. R. Jones DUMB:        In 6th grade a man came to our school to give a talk.  I don’t remember (surprise) what the speech was about, most likely safety.  I do remember he stood in the center of … Continue reading

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American Painter Idol

by Lisa      I have a new idea that could make me and Bill as rich as Simon Cowell. “American Painter Idol”. We are going to discover the next rising star in the painting world. We could start auditioning painters by asking … Continue reading

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Classical Painting Boring? Nah…

by Lisa On Sunday, at the California Art Institute, The Portrait Society of America sponsored a presentation of portrait artist Adrian Gottlieb. He came and did a slide show of his work and answered so many questions I thought he would tear … Continue reading

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German Junk

By W. R. Jones     I don’t want to hear a word about the vaunted German engineering.  Their cars suck.  I have a 2000 Eurovan.  As a van it is a totally pathetic design.  Why did I buy it?  It … Continue reading

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An Evil Wind Blows

by Lisa I painted this in ’03 en plein air (in the open air). I don’t particularly like to go painting alone (in case a grasshopper hits me, and I need resuscitation), but on that day, I trekked up the side … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of Boredom

By W.R. Jones     When we traversed the Panama Canal we had this tugboat alongside the ship for most of the journey.  I couldn’t figure out the purpose of the escort since it wasn’t pushing or pulling us.  I thought … Continue reading

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