Lisa – Biography

lisa_picOkay, this is really an ‘autobiography’. Everyone knows we write these ourselves, so why disguise it with the pronoun ‘she’ and call it a biography? Here goes my condensed version:  


As a kid in grade school, I became intrigued with drawing after an art teacher bestowed accolades on me for a portrait I had done of him as he posed for the class (yes he was clothed you filthy-minded readers). I found it much more interesting to draw from life rather than by copying pictures, and no one escaped my pleas for sittings. Although I loved drawing, I never took it seriously and when it came time to go to college, I started as a pre-med student at Vanderbilt University. For electives, I took drawing classes. It was pretty apparent that I excelled at art over organic chemistry. After two years, I switched schools and began majoring in filmmaking with a minor in photojournalism at the University of Miami (yes, it involved a guy). I graduated with honors (ta ta) and began working in the film business for several years until marrying (a different guy), having a son, and moving back to Nashville. There, I took up painting full time in 1994.


I studied painting with a variety of teachers through classes and workshops around the country, but found main inspiration from the more classical artists. I have been influenced by the artwork and philosophy of the great American artist, Thomas Hart Benton, having become acquainted with his work through three of his accomplished students particularly William F. Kautzman, my mentor.


In 1997, I began teaching painting and drawing classes and workshops at Cheekwood’s Frist Education Center in Nashville. I also produced workshops with nationally known artists. At the same time I began serving on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee League, and became the President of the organization in 2000.  I served for only one year before my family and I moved to Thousand Oaks, California.


I currently teach at the California Art Institute in Westlake Village and have a studio in Newbury Park. Some of my paintings are sold through the Portico Gallery in Montecito, California, and at The California Art Institute.


You can see more of my work at: .