This is a piece I started in a class with Philippe Faraut – a master sculptor and very fine teacher.

In addition to teaching sculpting technique, Philippe instilled a new sense of disipline in me to round out an already stellar character.
Example – yesterday at the gym I turned down a pink frosted donut; iron will! I told the desk clerk I felt I deserved recognition for my self control. Perhaps not on a national scale so as to not interfere with the election process but at least at a state level. She pointed out that she had just observed me eating a cookie and a maple brownie. Oh, ok, never mind I will get on with my workout.

The Scottsdale workshop was a month ago. I just (almost) finished this piece yesterday. In my world of retirement this is considered speed sculpting. I have been putting in a consistent, focused 15 minutes a day on this work. Of course, that includes bathroom breaks, hydration pauses, taking Mango out to pee, and getting the mail.

Thank God I don’t have to make a living doing anything. Vote for Bernie, I need a Social Security raise or I’ll never be able to afford that Tesla which I NEED because it is self driving. Then I won’t feel guilty going down the road drinking. Oh stop feeling so self righteous, I need to unwind after a hard 15 minutes.

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2 Responses to Discipline

  1. Sue Harrell says:

    Beautiful! Glad to read that someone else works at the same break-neck speed I do.

  2. The scandal about the cookie and the maple brownie, the one that was all over Twitter, that was YOU? I thought it was Donald Trump. I thought he was the one who lied saying he hadn’t eaten the pink frosted donut while the crumbs from the brownie were still dusting the collar of his shirt. Technically true, yeah, but still a huge lie! Goodness! Oh, well. I’m glad that you’re FINALLY getting some discipline. You can probably pack 15 minutes worth into something so dense its gravity is pulling planets out of their orbits.

    And thus your sculpture is fantastic. But you probably hear that all the time….

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