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Everything Hurts

By WR Jones     I had leave work in the middle of the morning yesterday to head home and put ice on my back.  Yet another gym injury.  I could see it coming when that dufuss instructor started the double exercise of … Continue reading

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My Fantasy

by Lisa        Sometimes, when painting is not going well, and more than one student is blaming me for their inability to paint like Sargent, and I realize I will never be a marketing genious and make money at this by adding bible … Continue reading

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By W. R. Jones     I’m going painting for the next two weeks.  As a clairvoyant, I think this could be a painting of my trip.  It is a view from a park and ride in Camarillo looking back toward Thousand … Continue reading

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By W. R. Jones       Ok, this is an image that has no relationship to the anecdote of this post.  If you feel you need an illustration to match the story, do it yourself.  Email it to me at … Continue reading

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The World Is Going To Hell

by Lisa        This is the demo I did for my class yesterday. I only had a few students because half of them were at a workshop at another art school whose name I will not publish here in case I should lose … Continue reading

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The Study

By W. R. Jones     A study for the general painting population is a trial of ideas or gathering of information in preparation for a generally larger, more complete, and more finished final painting.  Painters such as Bouguereau and Norman … Continue reading

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Posting Protocol

  by Lisa With regard to Bill’s last post and his comments that I complained about his straying from the subject, how would you all like it if I ran this picture of a study I just did, and without telling … Continue reading

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