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Rebate ~ Another Word For Stealing

By W.R. Jones,   Painting by Erika Jones     I was in an AT&T store the other day to see about a phone cover when I started looking at phones.   There was a paper on a table that showed fancy … Continue reading

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Hire The Handicapped?

By W R Jones     Ok, I’m in favor of hiring the handicapped when they can do the job with the same efficiency as a non handicapped person.   There are thousands of such opportunities.   But, but, for Christ’s sake, put them … Continue reading

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Reading, Comprehending, Listening, Staying Awake ~ Different Skill Sets

By WR Jones     My company has a “Reading Buddy” program with a local grade school.  I think they are first graders.    We read to them for 30-45 minutes once a week.   Each adult has a group of 5.    I don’t … Continue reading

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