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Rebate ~ Another Word For Stealing

By W.R. Jones,   Painting by Erika Jones     I was in an AT&T store the other day to see about a phone cover when I started looking at phones.   There was a paper on a table that showed fancy … Continue reading

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Hire The Handicapped?

By W R Jones     Ok, I’m in favor of hiring the handicapped when they can do the job with the same efficiency as a non handicapped person.   There are thousands of such opportunities.   But, but, for Christ’s sake, put them … Continue reading

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Reading, Comprehending, Listening, Staying Awake ~ Different Skill Sets

By WR Jones     My company has a “Reading Buddy” program with a local grade school.  I think they are first graders.    We read to them for 30-45 minutes once a week.   Each adult has a group of 5.    I don’t … Continue reading

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Equal Rights For Women

by Lisa I am on a new kick to drink more water. From what I hear, it can flush your kidneys, prevent cancer, improve your credit rating, and make you a better painter. There are two problems for me. A) I don’t like water. … Continue reading

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Bugs – A Conspiracy

By W R Jones     Did you ever want to dip your spouse into a vat of boiling oil?   Ya, me too.  One Friday evening my wife told me she was going to go shopping the  next day with a … Continue reading

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Calling All Warriors

by Lisa   While in China, we went to see the Terracotta Warriors. The first emperor of China had 8000 life size men made out of clay to protect his butt in the afterlife. He must have been really worried. … Continue reading

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Bugs – 99.9%

By W.R Jones      I always wondered why the “creator” made mosquitoes and flies.   Did He/She/It want to screw with us?   What would happen to the eco-system if all the mosquitoes and all the flies dissappeared at once?   The birds … Continue reading

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