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Hog Wild

By W.R. Jones     This falls under the “are you shitting  me” umbrella.   I just read where a jury awarded a motorcycle rider 8.9 Million dollars because he was injured when his bike hit a wild boar crossing the road. … Continue reading

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How to Take A Bubble Bath

by Lisa                I went to an estate sale yesterday and got the most beautiful 10″ tall brass pot for a still life. Okay, it is a spitoon. The thought makes me want to gag, but I try to … Continue reading

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Clouds For The Deaf

By W.R. Jones     I mean, really, what are the odds?   Maybe there is a higher power doing intelligent design, and who holds some type of grudge against me.     Thursday, I took a water aerobics class with Erin.   I … Continue reading

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Medicinal Marihoochi

by Lisa        I would like to expand upon Bill’s last post. It may surprise some of you to know that I smoked marijuana once. (No comments from the 80’s peanut gallery.)  I used to see pot as the great … Continue reading

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If I Were King – On The Economy

By (we are talking KING here, it has got to be)  WR Jones      Ok, the economy is a mess.   I have the solution:       First, legalize drugs.  We are spending a fortune fighting a battle that, obvious to the most … Continue reading

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Big is Beautiful

by Lisa This is a model who is very familiar to the art school circuit here in Southern Cal. She is a full-bodied woman as you can see. I love to draw her, and believe that she is far more interesting than … Continue reading

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Stupid Remark Of The Day

By W. R. Jones      This painting has nothing to do with my bitching.   I’m doing some studies of clouds and their interface with trees and how to handle it wet into wet or after letting the painting dry (the … Continue reading

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