The Artwork Of Shivdev


This is a painting by my student the distinguished Dr. Singh although around the Art Institute we know him lovingly as plain old Shivdev. Shivdev has been a student with us for years, but he is an accomplished exhibiting watercolor artist and mounting huge solo shows in Delhi, India where he is from.  Shivdev works constantly at his art having retired from being a Harvard educated surgeon with more degrees than you can shake a stick at.  His turban disguises a huge brain I’m sure. He is a brilliant man, fascinating to talk to, and I have recently had the pleasure to get him into my class where he is just now taking up oil painting. He has really struggled with the leap from watercolor, but this painting is a lovely example of the fruits of his labor.

A word about his name. If I have ten students in my class, I will have ten different pronunciations of his name. I really don’t understand this. It is pronounced just like it looks –  SHIV – DEV. It is as if others assume it is more exotic than that.  Okay class, altogether – SHIV – DEV. There. Now go home and practice it, and if you can’t get it right then Dr. Singh will do. And that is pronounced like  what Celine Dione does.

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6 Responses to The Artwork Of Shivdev

  1. I’m soooo glad to see this entry back! It’s beautiful. I especially like the use of a clear glass vase to see the stems, and I also enjoy the “looseness” of the painting.

    Well done, Shivdev! (Do you “hear” my pronounciation?)

  2. I met Shivdev four or so years ago when I was taking a plein air class from Carl Dempwolf another caring and talented instructor. Shivdev was a remarkable artist even then and I remember him well both for his warmth and for his talent. I was excited to see someone I knew when I returned to CAI. And yes, strangely, I was never sure if I pronounced his name correctly but he is so kind, he just smiles and acts as if I did.

    I was able to see this floral oil painting today during a make-up class I took with you Lisa! (GREAT class, by the way.) I am once again VERY impressed with Shivdev’s beautiful work.

    By the way, Lisa, I really enjoyed your class today and will be sure to sign up for one of your classes during the next term. I admire your Trompe L’oeil … wow!! After today’s drapery exercise I have even more appreciation for it.

    By the way, Lisa, there is a “game” of blog tag going around and since I got “tagged” this morning, I will tag you. Tonight you can visit my blog to see what to do if you’re interested.

  3. lbtowers says:

    Marion, it was a pleasure to have you in my class today. I thought you did a great job on the very difficult drapery study. I looked at your site and your blog – keep up the good work!!! I’m not sure about this blog tag thing. Is this like a chain letter? I gave those up years ago when I got screwed out of a kitchen towel. Long story.

  4. Don’t know about the blog tag thing. I was tagged by an artist blogger who always has interesting things to say about art, the business of art, continuing to study and life in general. She always includes a good recipe too, although I don’t use them. Anyhow she tagged me so I decided to send it on.
    Since I don’t know many artists who blog and given my short attention span, since you’d just told me that morning that you had a blog, I decided to include you.
    Thanks for taking me in. I did enjoy the class, your teaching and the exchange with the other students.
    The critique idea was enlightening also.
    Thanks again!

  5. Should have mentioned that the artist’s name is Linda Blondheim. She’s from Florida and has several newsletters and blogs. I like her artnotes blog best.

  6. Carol King says:

    what a beautiful painting. The colors are so vibrant and rich. I like Dr. Singh’s work.

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