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Bumblebee In My Pants

By W.R. Jones     The CafeCrem writers are posting full photos so I decided I might as well put this picture here as well.  I’ve had this painting on the easel for quite a while now (don’t want to give … Continue reading

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Power Negotiator

By W.R. Jones  I overheard this American grandmother negotiating in a Mexican marketplace.  Clearly she is of the Donald Trump school of power negotiators.     Grandma, “Do you negotiate?”  Shopkeeper, “Que (what)?”  Grandma, “Do you take less money?”  Shopkeeper, (in … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

by Lisa Hope you are gathering your wits today after the shopping frenzy of late. I know I’m glad it’s over. Late yesterday afternoon, my doorbell rang, and when I opened the door expecting to see a person (I know I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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Christmas Story

by Lisa (and story by Anonymous)  I do believe that Bill is coming back today, so I better post something fresh in order to keep out of trouble. Below is a Christmas story that Susie sent me and I found very funny. … Continue reading

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The Art of the Cookie

by Lisa  I have now entered into cookie baking mode for Christmas–another one of the art forms that I take very seriously and that provides one more distraction from painting.  I am the type of neurotic that has trouble buying … Continue reading

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Susan’s Xmas Card

by Lisa Okay, clearly I have been deserted. Bill left town leaving me all alone on the blog, and I have not received ONE, not ONE SINGLE COMMENT SINCE. I am beginning to take this personally. For those of you … Continue reading

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Aapo Pukk Demonstration

Yesterday, at the California Art Institute, we were treated to a painting demonstration by portrait artist Aapo Pukk ( It was arranged by Johanna Spinks, the California Co-State Ambassador of the Portrait Society of America. Johanna is also a teacher at the … Continue reading

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