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Happy Creepy Crawly Halloween

by Lisa               Here on Halloween, I decided to post a picture of a sample of my growing collection of creepy crawlies. Some of you may remember that I have an acute aversion to bugs, and that I find … Continue reading

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Lying Little Children Turn Into Pumpkins

By W. R. Jones     This painting gives me the impression of an illustration for a children’s fable.  “Little Children Who Lie About Eating The Candy Turn Into Pumpkins”.  So that would be me and my friends there in the … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Landscape Painting

by Lisa The other day I went out to do a little landscape painting. The Santa Ana winds were not threatening to carry my canvas into the Pacific Ocean, the sun was not threatening to bake my arms into a … Continue reading

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By WR Jones       That’s right 3 (THREE) count ’em.  Use your fingers so you don’t lose count.   Sometimes I, myself, drop a number when going from the 1 to the 2 without using my fingers.     Now I … Continue reading

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Blue Boy

“Blue Boy” – 46″ x 54″ (or something like that) – Charcoal on Rough Damn WC Paper Thought I would post the finished drawing that just about did me in (see my past posts). I’m not sure how big you all can see this … Continue reading

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Flowers For Rebecca

By W R Jones     Rebecca tragically lost her thumb when it was chewed off by a pit apple.   She is in the hospital getting a prosthesis (a wooden spoon) to replace the missing limb.  The good news is she will still … Continue reading

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By WR Jones     This is a watercolor sketch I did of Karen, an aerobics instructor, some years back.   I was planning on a large oil painting based on this but it never got off the ground.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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