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By WR Jones    This is the grandmother (on the mother’s side of the two Shahandeh boys shown in posts Work Ethic and Fishing.   When I gave the drawings of the boys to their mother, grandma remarked she would like to have … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive

by Lisa        You know, I realize it’s not always convenient to get your portrait done before you die, but if you don’t want a bad rendition of your likeness passing through the annals of time, for the love of … Continue reading

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Work Ethic

By W R Jones      I’m a hard working guy.    The kind MOST women like to take care of.   For example here is a charcoal drawing featuring the brother of the drawing I had in my last post.   Their names … Continue reading

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By W R Jones     When I was this age I LOVED fishing.   There simply was no bigger joy to be had than sitting on the bank of a river with a fishing pole, your pals, and a pack of … Continue reading

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On Being Buff

by Lisa Okay, here is the faux letter that I would have loved to have provided to my friend’s attorney (see my last post). I changed the names to protect the truly innocent: This letter is to confirm that I, Lisa Towers, … Continue reading

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Water Color – A Method Used To Ruin A Good Drawing

By WR Jones     Who came up with the idea to use this torturous medium.  The damn runny stuff.  Really only good for drinking and taking a shower with.   Lately I’ve had the desire to do some birds in watercolor.   … Continue reading

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Porn Ring

by Lisa        A few years ago, I wanted reference pictures for an idea I had for a painting. I knew this very buff guy, and asked him to pose for me. In exchange for the favor, he requested a … Continue reading

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