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Joe Willie

by Lisa        I am in Tuscaloosa, Alabama visiting my Dad for Thanksgiving.  Tuscaloosa is where I grew up for the most part. Anyone who is from here, or has ever been here can tell you that football is pretty … Continue reading

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If I Were King – Graffiti

By WR Jones     On our Sunday walk of 7 or 8 miles, we have a stretch of river that passes behind an apartment complex.  There is a bridge over the river just after the apartments.  Every week there is … Continue reading

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Green My Ass

By W R Jones     On a walk yesterday we picked up more than 50 plastic water bottles, soda, and beer cans.  Doesn’t ANYONE teach their children not to litter?  Every household and every apartment has trash cans, can’t these … Continue reading

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On Being Fair

by Lisa           The other day, I got an email from an old boyfriend. It has been many many years since I last heard from him, and he apparently found his way to this blog by googling my maiden … Continue reading

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Calm Down

By W. R. Jones     If you are a painter you have heard the words, “it must be so relaxing to paint.”  Ya, right.     When I saw this view the light was barely touching the house.  An old woman … Continue reading

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By WR Jones     For you H2O lovers, this is a watercolor of one of my daughter’s high school friends, Jessica.     She looks so lithe, so supple in this pose.     The young woman who set her bike up … Continue reading

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Beware of the Pretty Persimmon

by Lisa (This painting needs work, and it is a mere snapshot of it hence the glare issue in the upper right.)          When I was a kid, growing up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, one of the worst dares you could make … Continue reading

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