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The Case of the Bad Rug Student

by Lisa                                The Donald Trump toupee on a baby I have been teaching for about ten years now. Literally hundreds of students have crossed the threshold of my door. For the most part, I am proud to say that I … Continue reading

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By WR Jones       38-22-38   This is a symbolic painting.  If you men can’t figure out the symbolism here, better toodle on down to your doctor and get checked for a testosterone leak.     Of course, all painting is … Continue reading

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Don’t Scalp the Messenger

by Lisa               This is not my photo. It came right off the Autry Museum site. On Saturday I had the very clever idea to go to the Indian festival at the Autry Museum in LA.  Each year I attend the … Continue reading

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Good Paint After The Bad

       I did this painting for Lisa.  She is crazy for head/figure paintings of people who have some type of leprous looking skin disease.  Well, take a suck a this, Leffel.     Ok, I may have stretched the truth … Continue reading

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Father, Son, Holy Ghost, David Hockney

  by Lisa Mr. Hockney looking rather pope-like Dear Mr. Hockney,        Who died and left you king of Art History? A friend of mine recently loaned me your lovely-to-look-at-but-completely-asinine book, pompously titled Secret Knowledge as if you are the vessel and … Continue reading

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Dust Bunny

     This is the type of dust bunny I’m forever finding under my bed.  I guess I don’t need to explain to you all about all the hours of lost sleep “cleaning up” has cost me.      I use a … Continue reading

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The Problem With Iguanas

by Lisa               On her last day to model for the class (see my last post), Ludmilla’s finale consisted of bringing her pet iguana to pose with her. The young men in the class were, for the first time all … Continue reading

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