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Muffin Roulette

By wr jones I titled this sketch as qs3.jpg, I have no idea what that means. What in the devil was I thinking? Did I have some new naming convention in mind? Was this supposed to be some way of … Continue reading

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Striving To Be The Biggest Idiot Ever Seen Or Heard Tell Of

By W R Jones Trixie and Bubbles These are the women  I want to look after me.  Clearly I need keepers.   Let me tell you a little story.  Then you tell me if it is theoretically possible to be … Continue reading

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The One Hour Loose Plein Air Study

by wr jones Ya right.   I’m quite certain the painter (David Jonas – now living in central California I think) I copied this from did do it in an hour or less on location.  I take 6 hours just … Continue reading

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