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Really, Can Anything Else Go Wrong?

By W. R. Jones     This is a painting of Antietam National Batttlefield.   This tree is too young to have been there during the battle.  But I can imagine a young scared soldier hiding behind these  rocks saying to his friend … Continue reading

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Lisa Does China

by Lisa Ni Hao (hello in Chinese)!!! I am back from China. Admit it. You all missed me. I was able to go to the business office in each hotel we stayed in to make sure Bill was keeping you entertained … Continue reading

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By W R Jones (Cowboy Legend).     I can’t draw a horse for  shit.   I took a workshop by a very knowledgeable artist who clearly was a horseman.   Didn’t take.   You would think I could draw a car since that is … Continue reading

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Back (of head) Study

By W R Jones     Lisa had this idea to paint from a model a few weeks ago.    I thought I had a pretty good back study going;  figured I finish it later at home by making up a background.    … Continue reading

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By WR Jones,   painting by EL Jones     My daugher, Erika, a medical student, was telling me about interviewing a liver transplant patient.   This patient had been an alcoholic and IV drug user.   I don’t get the scoring system that … Continue reading

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Easter Egg

By W. R. Jones      Easter at my house means tradition.   Thus the easter egg hunt.   Not at my house, of course, eggs are expensive.    I got up very very early  and went over the wall into the neighbor’s back … Continue reading

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The Seasoned Traveler

by Lisa I will be leaving for China on Tuesday. The thought of sitting on that airplane for that long is giving me major anxiety. It’s enough to give me major anxiety. I have a pharmacy packed that is guaranteed … Continue reading

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