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The Romantic Title

by Lisa   I recently added some brighter strokes of paint to the scarf on this painting. Bill bitched at me the other day for having boring titles to my paintings. Says the title helps sell the painting. I will … Continue reading

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Painting ~ The Natural Breast

by Bill  The Saturday morning California Art Institute open session model; sort of.  The model was so quick to undress no one commented on wanting to paint a costumed figure.  Since just about everyone painting seems to do head and shoulders only, I’m … Continue reading

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Paint the Light. Please.

by Lisa This is the demo I did this week for my class. I am trying to get my students to think more about the light. One student recently told me that she needs to really like what she is painting. I … Continue reading

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What A Good Husband I Am ~ bj

  Normally my wife gets up at 4AM to make me coffee and prepare a lunch.  This morning I let her sleep in; gave her a little mini vacation so to speak.  Of course I had to wake her up … Continue reading

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Painting On

I’m back. Thank you all for asking. NOT!!! I have ebola, and not one note of sympathy, not one tear, not one See’s walnut chew. I guarantee you I am FULL of piss and vinegar now. Have you all noticed … Continue reading

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Painting For The Day ~ A Cuddly Bear

  This is not a bear you want to rub against your nose to help you sleep.  Erika and I were in Yellowstone hiking on this path a few years ago.  We had seen a few bears during the day … Continue reading

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Annie And Claire ~ Painters Or Crooks?

    Before I get to the English painters, God Lisa, stop whining.  That is so like a woman.  Last week I was robbed and shot three times and you didn’t hear a peep out of me.  I went about my … Continue reading

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