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Sit Still Will Ya?

As I was shooting that photo (no not our banner group – the Tuesday night model, Barbara – see the May 29th and 30th posts about camera work) I was thinking “this model is on uppers; she is vibrating like a … Continue reading

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That Busy Sea

That’s me and the girls above. We had a great time out on the beach today. A very nice diversion from the norm.  Would have been nice if May gray had not been ever present, but I think everyone gained … Continue reading

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Don’t Even Give Bill A Camera

Dear dear Bill, I can see you had a great deal of fun writing your last post, and I hate to rain like a dark cloud over your glorious parade, but you seem to have forgotten that I handed YOU … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Lisa Take Your Wedding Photos

Last week we had a model that I had asked to pose.  Because of this I felt some obligation to produce at least a reasonable painting for her efforts.  Normally I like the three hour sessions particularly because at the … Continue reading

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Bad Habit

…and another good tip: CLOSE YOUR JAR OF TURP!!!!!! IT IS BAD FOR YOU!!!!!! As a painting instructor, I am in a closed up studio for about 12 hours each week. At the California Art Institute there are no windows that … Continue reading

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Business / Calling Cards

I recently used this painting to create a new business card.   I really don’t need a business card at all; I don’t have a business.  So I’ll call them calling cards.  Some groups of the wealthy still use calling cards.   I got … Continue reading

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Study by Mariel

   Each week I am going to be posting one piece of student work from my classes that I think shows progress, or an understanding of the exercise.  Today my students did small studies of a complicated still life. I deliberately made it intricate … Continue reading

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