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The Gods Have Voted: Lisa Will Not Be a Landscape Painter

by Lisa            So, I went out, as I told you in my last post, to sharpen the ol’ landscape painting skills. I went alone and a cappella. I had chose an area nestled in the mountains on a cliff … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Even Shoot The Hostage

By W R Jones This is Trixie, my imaginary girlfriend.  She is angry because I won’t buy her some imaginary clothes.  I suppose this makes me about as cheap as they come.     I went shooting with my son the … Continue reading

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Twenty Foot Boa Constrictor Found in My House

by Lisa Some years ago I came up with the crazy idea of painting eggshells with tempera, and crushing them up to create micromosaics. Here you see the only one I actually created because my eyes went bad doing it. … Continue reading

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Or Your Mattress Is Free

By WR Jones     This is what you will have left to eat if you let those incessant ads leak through to that part of your brain wanting to piss away your money.     That area of my brain dominates.  I … Continue reading

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The Value of a Good Disclaimer

by Lisa In the comments to my last post, Bill, concerned blog partner that he is, made me think long and hard about something when he said: I think we owe it to our readers not to overhype the difficulty … Continue reading

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Can’t Say She Didn’t Warn Me

By WR Jones     Prior to leaving for my last trip Lisa warned me to leave the room service maids alone.  As the fellow says, I had the right to remain silent I just didn’t have the brains.     Saturday … Continue reading

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The Elephant in The Room

This week has been a very intense week of painting with this floral still life. It is the most complicated floral I have ever done. Not the biggest, but the most  complicated. I fluctuate between hating it and loving it. … Continue reading

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