Stop Whining!!!

by Lisa

I recently found myself whining to my ceramics teacher that I was scared. Once you get that pot to a certain height on the wheel one false move and London Bridge is falling down. She acted like I was being silly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of”, and I further whined that she makes it look so easy. I suddenly realized that I sounded just like my students, and I, like her. What a humbling experience it is to be a student, I must say.

I quickly learned who to buddy up to in the class. That would be the advanced students. (The class is a combination of levels. ) They are REAL helpful. Last Friday, when my teacher sat in amusement watching me wrestle an 8 pound wad of clay, I called Carlos over, an expert potter, and asked his advice. Before you knew it he was sitting there, arm deep into my pot and creating a magnificent urn. The teacher knows who did what, but I don’t care about a grade. I want the urn. Okay, I made the lid, and I will glaze it, so cut me some slack. Sooner or later, I am going to have some pots to paint in a still life. With a little help from my new best friend.

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3 Responses to Stop Whining!!!

  1. kevmoore says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with borrowing somebody’s arm, you were just using your guidance and motivational skills to guide an assistant in creating the work of art that YOU yourself envisaged. This is no different to Michaelangelo delegating to his students.

    This position is known as SUPERVISOR and is abused the world over… :-)

  2. lbtowers says:

    You’re my kind of man kevmoore. Next time I need a partner in crime, I’m coming to you. You are a man aren’t you? Those avatars are so bloody small.

  3. kevmoore says:

    Mmm…I think I found the meaning of the word “Avatar” in an old Oxford English Dictionary once. It said “impossibly tiny rendering of an unviewable image.” This notwithstanding, even pixel-ly challenged, I appear to be male, in the half-light, anyway….

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