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by Lisa        Boy, I hope I got that title grammatically correct en francais (and I think ‘francais’ needs that little curly tail underneath the ‘c’ here, but my computer is an ugly American one), for I am now taking a … Continue reading

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The Gift

By W R Jones     Some gifts are not as wonderful as they might first seem.  I had been out behind the mules (gas prices being what they are) in the hot sun all day.  I came in, made myself some … Continue reading

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Gluing Update

by Lisa           Sometimes one has to just say, “Good enough”. When I uncovered my large piece of paper that I climbed the proverbial mountain for, it was less than perfect, shall we say. I had made the egregious mistake of … Continue reading

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Red, White, and Blue – Olympic Gold

By WR Jones     I was watching the Olympics with my daughter and one of her friends last week.  It was some event with females.  I mentioned that I didn’t go by countries, I cheered for the cutest girls from wherever.  My … Continue reading

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Bare Naked Canvas

     I recently got a couple of comments on my post “The Camera Eagle Has Landed” that I would like to discuss here. The first was from Frank who admitted that my new camera was indeed better, but suggested (as … Continue reading

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A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

By WR Jones       I expect most of you ladies will know this box is not a symbol for saving.  We once took our daughter to New York for Christmas so she could shop at Tiffany’s and Saks.  Luckily … Continue reading

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Part II: Gluing the Damned Paper

by Lisa              It should be an Olympic event to wrestle a 45 x 62 inch piece of watercolor paper with a mind of its own. I let it sit for days (see my last post) under the weight of books, … Continue reading

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