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A Lesson in Snobbery

 by Lisa I’m worried about something. I think I have become a snob. A painting snob. And I don’t want to be. Not after what happened last night. I will have nothing to do with snobbery anymore. Last night I … Continue reading

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Santa Santa Santa, Lookit

By W.R. Jones  Santa, I have selected this to be my Chrismas tree this year.  Don’t swing by the house, OK?     Yes I know it is not a traditional looking tree but think of this, the reindeer can rest and … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season’

by Lisa Yesterday,  I brought in some Christmas ornaments for the students to paint. one student in particular saw what was on the agenda, and said, “What if I hate Christmas?”. At this point, I had a flashback to last … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer

By W.R. Jones   Imagine the sinking dread that washes over her as she first touches that lump that should not be there.     For breast cancer week my wife got people to pledge money for her to walk in circles.  … Continue reading

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The Best Customers

by Lisa  It is Sunday, and I am still full. If I hear the word turkey one more time, I’ll puke. This year, Thanksgiving had a little edge to it for us because for the first time we had to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Feast ~ A Turkey’s View

By W.R. Jones       If I were a turkey, and come to think of it, I have been called one a time or two, this is what I’d have for Thanksgiving dinner.     And don’t give me any of … Continue reading

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Stop Whining!!!

by Lisa I recently found myself whining to my ceramics teacher that I was scared. Once you get that pot to a certain height on the wheel one false move and London Bridge is falling down. She acted like I was … Continue reading

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