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Rejected Booty

by Lisa       I finally managed to get a few pictures of the ceramic “coil” pot of a nude form that I made in my ceramics class (see “Archives September 9th) — front and back images. Can you tell the whole thing … Continue reading

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Halloween at the Art Institute

 by Lisa      My favorite holiday of the entire year is coming. Okay, it’s not officially recognized as a holiday, but if it were up to me, Halloween would get a four day weekend. I have loved Halloween since I was a … Continue reading

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Bill’s Exciting Start

by Lisa  Gee, sounds like Bill is having fun. I got this email last night from him, and thought I would forward it on to you:  I didn’t want to write as the envy might do you permanent mental damage. … Continue reading

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Thank You for Your Thoughtfulness. NOT!!!!!

 by Lisa I’m here, I’m here. I have not died. I am perfectly fine and have apologized to Bill repeatedly for leaving him so all alone on our blog. But I have my excuses, and they’re damn good ones. So … Continue reading

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Painting Nature or I’m On Vacation and You’re Not

By W.R. Jones  Oh, you have to work?  I’m sorry I have to go on vacation.  I thought this an appropriate image as I’m leaving in a few hours for two weeks of painting in Idaho/Wyoming.  It will be painting … Continue reading

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By W.R. Jones   This bowl and pitcher, a gift from a friend,  is a souvenir from Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, our third president.   I thought I was finished but I think I might paint out the spot … Continue reading

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My New Henry Rifle

By W.R. Jones   I’m going shooting after work today.  No – I’m not looking to shoot Chippy here; I’m going to the range to shoot at paper targets.  Relax – I just wanted to get a moments rise out of you tree huggers/animal … Continue reading

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