By WR Jones

I was in West Virgina visiting my sister, went for a walk and saw this sign –


No Trespassing

The POSTED was in about 70 point type with the No Trespassing in 12 point.

Duh?  With the sign stapled to a tree do you need to spell out it is posted?  That is like having all the stop signs with great big letters  SIGN followed by a tiny “stop” underneath.  Anyway most of those people don’t read.

Other signs that irk me:

  1. Those freeway memorial signs, The Richard F. Bezzelboots Memorial Highway.  What the hell?  Who was that guy?  The three people who know him will die out leaving a useless blight of a sign for years.
  2. I’m seeing large signs proclaiming “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act bla bla bla…” on the freeways.  Is there not a better use of money to stimulate the economy than putting even more bullshit signs on our roadways?  Plant some goddamn flowers or better yet some edible plants, or solar cells to get us off oil.
  3. Signs along various roadways: “Your Tax Dollars At Work”.  I get it shit-for-brains, you are spending my money.  Just fix the road; I’ll figure out you spent my money to do it (along with giving yourself plenty of income – like the city manager with the $800,000/yr salary and $600,000/yr retirement for life package.)
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19 Responses to Signs

  1. omg, I can’t believe the city manager’s salary! What is he, a Senator? Geez, that’s more than the President. Dang. I need to get into Politics. Luckily it’s a career field I can get into without any training or experience. (or common sense)

    ps. They have those signs here in Georgia, too. should I move?

  2. Danu says:

    Bill, I find charming your painting. It’s just like a more realistical Grandma Moses painting (and I greatly admire Grandma Moses!) and I read your post (when I got the bloody time: I had to get eventually a bill paying job…) with delight. It hasa utility beyond your intentions, I think: you are still fighting (well, flegmatically) human stupidity. Me, I go a vacation on that… I can be pure, you can be a bit mean for me, too.. Have a nice day ( I mean it!)

  3. rahina qh says:

    wonderful to hear that you have something that resembles a conscience and show an interest in politics…
    the painting has a wonderful consistent light, very appealing. one thought: i don’t think it was a plein aire painting…. the dog is barking in the wrong direction:)

  4. wrjones says:

    Rebecca – yes yes you should immediately move from Georgia to California. You can bring your dog. It would be better if you leave your common sense in Atlanta. That way I can tell you how to live and you will listen.

    Danu – thanks. Just call me Grandpa Moses. I do qualify age wise.

    Rahina – I find it soooo strange that you are surprised at the depth of my good character. My mom loved me (sort of, I think).

  5. I really agree with you on this rant, Bill… All of those signs irk me… and I’ve often asked myself the same question… Don’t you wonder HOW much of our tax dollars were spent making the signs instead of fixing the road… and who the heck WAS that guy??? sorry he’s dead but WHY do we have to remember him on this highway as opposed to everyone else???

    Good to hear from you again… Hope you had a great visit and didn’t get filled with buckshot over that little trespass….

  6. sam says:

    A fine dog, chicken, truck, trailer and porch. Of course they don’t want you trespassing!

  7. …phew…I missed your rants…now I know where you were and understand completely. West Virginia, huh? Most people won’t admit that.

    yup…$800K …now that is a tax dollar at work, eh?

    Like your painting. I especially like the shimmer of light behind the house and the shadows in the foreground.

  8. lesliepaints says:

    I don’t know which is funnier this post’s story or the painting. The shack, the hunting dog, the rusty truck, a chicken and a shiny airstream. :) Now, “ain’t that America?” to borrow John Mellencamp’s words.

  9. lesliepaints says:

    Oops! Forgot to say, I’d hang that picture!

  10. connie says:

    You really paint a pretty truck. I love those old trucks. Recently while walking in the woods, my 6 year old grandson stopped at a sign on a large tree. When asked why he stopped, he said, “It says no tree passing.”

  11. Bonnie Luria says:

    While there likely is an apple pie unseen on the windowsill and the baseball game on the little black and white TV inside, there’s nothing small town about your swift dart at stupidity.
    You got great details in this piece- with the house being a bit blurrier in the background.

    Would you like to add one of my personal peeves:
    The 5 pound bag of sugar that has listed under it’s ingredients: Sugar.

    What can I say?
    Glad to see you’re back at it again. Painting. OK and ranting. I look for them both.

  12. CarolKing says:

    Bill, I really like this painting! The house, the chicken, the rusty truck with the trailer and the dog, pulling on it’s leash. I’m with Leslie…I’d hang it too.

    You have hit the bullseye with your comments on this post. I’m right there with ya!

  13. COMMENT: (Bill, you’re a riot [EXCLAMATION POINT])

  14. Oh, gosh. You had me laughing so hard, I forgot to comment — COMMENT — on the painting.

    West Virginia real estate, with a dog and a bird. I like it. Pick up truck. RV. (The road looks like it could use some federal highway money.)
    But all in all, very rustic.

    And no sign. I like that too.

  15. Dawn says:

    I needed that laugh….thanks!!!
    Nice country pic of West Virgina!

  16. COMMENT Bill, you are an angry man! Chill out, dude!!!! We live in a f king nut house!!! You know that!!!! Get over it!!! Does this anger come from your sailor days?

  17. wrjones says:

    Marian – always like people who agree with me. There are two of you. I finally got all the buckshot out of my butt.

    Sam – you are probably right. They would be panic stricken at the thought of losing that truck.

    Cathyann – thanks. Did I say West Virgina? I meant Paris.

    Bonnie – thanks. There was a pie. That is what I was after. I couldn’t afford gas for the truck.

    Carol – Thank you. You must be a fabulous painter by now. I shall stop by later.

    Leslie thank you. I hung the picture at work to remind me of a better place.

    Connie – I should have had the sense of your grandson and stopped.

    Aletha – thanks. Damn, I should have put that sign in the painting.

    Dawn – thanks. I hope you have finished that big painting. I want to see it.

    David – you are right. I need to elevate my feet and take a couple of aspirin.

  18. Jala Pfaff says:

    “SIGN: stop”: hahahaha, hilarious!

  19. wrjones says:

    Jala – just an observation of a pattern of pervasive stupidity. Glad to have you stop by.

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