Toy Story

By WR Jones

Haven’t been here for awhile.  Too much work work.  Not enough time to paint or rant but now I’m so pissed off; must rant.

My latest aggravations:

  1. Politics – Jeeeesus, unending, unrelenting bullshit.  I can’t stand those prop ads that give a little snippet.  Always the same from both sides.  If you don’t vote YES or NO as the case may be, all the firefighters, police, teachers, etc will quit. Your taxes will skyrocket, you will be homeless for 3 generations.   Meg what’s her name came on the radio.  Her spiel – 25 out of the last 30 years the California legislators have failed to pass a budget on time.  If she is elected governor, she will PROPOSE all legislators forgo pay, perks, and per diem until the budget is passed.  Uh, Meg, what do you think the chances of that being passed are?
  2. Green bullshit – at work they have signs patting themselves on the back for switching from styrofoam to paper cups.  So now we will have less plastic? Nope the plastic companies don’t call up the cafeteria to get the buying schedule so they keep producing at the same level.  Ya, ya, ya, “well we have to start somewhere … if nobody does it …”  Keep chanting your warm and fuzzy mantra and watch the environment.   What should be done is make everyone bring a damn cup to get their own drink.  Novel idea.  Anyhow, there is one HUGE overriding factor for the environment that seems to be overlooked – the population is GROWING but the earth is NOT.  Now China is talking about relaxing the one  child rule because they need more workers to make more money.   In fact all the builders and other manufacturers need growth to sell more product.   Just think if we had half the population there would be half the number of cars and half the number of people to throw their plastic Big Mac trash out the car window (like I do trying to  kill  those damn pooping ducks).
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26 Responses to Toy Story

  1. good rant, Bill. :) worth the wait.

  2. Carol King says:

    What a sweet painting to go along with your rant. I just love the toy truck and the crayons. Brings me back to my youth and more innocent times.

    Now, if you want to see “green”, you should come to the the yuppie/hipster/whatever the hell they are called now my neighborhood. And while I’m all for saving the planet, those people are just damn annoying.

  3. rahinaqh says:

    beautiful composition Bill! i love how softly you have handled the edges of such sharp-edged objects and that teddy looks like it is sitting up!
    and is this your bedtime reading book?
    as for your rants, i hope you feel better now that you have got all that off your chest… btw i have grown some wonderful bacteria in my unwashed coffee cup over just a weekend. but the best is when i have left the cup for a long two week break…. i have grown several zoos…

  4. danu says:

    Hi, bill! I know exactly what you mean, work-work! bUt i’m glad you rant a litlle (nice rant, by the way) and will do a dangerous thing: ask you to rant a bit about 2012! (maybe then population will go down a bit and we will all taking it to the hills or to(and) to the woods…)

  5. wrjones says:

    Rebecca – thank you. How is everything in Atlanta?

    Carol – thanks. We can begin the depopulation starting in your neighborhood. We will be green heroes.

    Rahina – thanks. Say, here’s a thought – wash the cup!!!

    • rahinaqh says:

      the point Bill has totally escaped your brain….. what is even more interesting is the looks everyone else gives you for having left the cup in that state… i then feel i have impressed everyone;)

  6. 100swallows says:

    That was a great idea to put the book and stuff diagonally on the canvas, and another, not to include it all. Nice little truckie.

  7. wrjones says:

    Rahina – you are right. I shall let my cup mold. Then lick it to see if it cures any of what ails me. Or perhaps I could grow some carrots in there.

    100swallows – thanks. I had a hell of a time painting this. I thought I could knock it out in a couple of hours. Weeks later …

    Danu – What is supposed to happen in 2012? I’m always ready to rant.

  8. lesliepaints says:

    Your toy still life makes me want to do one. I think red can be challenging in a composition. This is so good. I like how all the crayon points angle toward the truck.

  9. I just love this – the colors, the design, the nostalgia. Wonderful!

  10. Over population? Getta grip! Why do humans think they will be around forever? I think our demise is built into our very DNA! How’s that for clear headed thinking? Forget about those nit wit politicians, Bill! Have ya ever tried a few good belts of Jack Daniels? Now that clears the head!

  11. Welcome back! Or should i duck???LOL Nice painting, strong composition…sort of on the same track myself. Hanging around with the grandkids does it for me.

  12. wrjones says:

    Leslie – Give it a go. I found the truck shape to be hard. It seemed so simple when I looked at it but I had to do it over several times.

    Connie – thanks. Nostalgia for your childhood or your children?

    David – I’ve tried several Jack Daniels (bottles). It does clear the head. I still want about 1/3 of the population but the same roads and shopping.

    Cathyann – thanks. My paintings are getting done sporadically now so you only have to put up with my rants infrequently.

  13. Dawn says:

    Welcome back! It’s like missing family after awhile!!! I thought you dropped off the planet. It’s lonely coming to your site and not seeing you putting something out.
    I think it’s a sweet painting…yes as someone said..putting it on the diagonal was a nice idea. I’m just happy to know you are still painting!
    As far as work-work-work…at this point we have to be lucky we have jobs!!!
    Welcome home…

  14. Debra13 says:

    Ha! I hopped here from a friend’s blog………glad I did! I must mention that I asked at McD’s if I could bring my own cup for coffee and they refused……NOT ALLOWED. So, the group I used to go with daily after Mass is missing me and my husband except one day a week. I refuse to put that much styrofoam into the environment and detest even those two a week. All this to say I agree about the “green” thing….it’s all a word game!

  15. Nice to have you back, Bill…
    Yeah… good rant… right on…


  16. wrjones says:

    Dawn – hi. Thanks for the reminder to be happy I have a job at all. That thought tends to slip from my mind while setting in yet another meeting.

    Debra13 – First of all, a girl your age shouldn’t be reading this blog. Have your mother put a lock on it. What you are married? Must live in Alabama. I do like the daily after Mass part. Something I can totally relate to. Ok, sort of relate to. Oh all right, I’m a heathen according to my mother. I like to throw the plastic soda holders and styrofoam at ducks. They seem to like to wear the stuff.

    Marian – Thanks.

  17. I like this painting very much, Bill. I’m thankful it doesn’t make me think of politics at all, but rather a time of innocence and simplicity, sorely lacking in much of our society today.

  18. Rhonda says:

    Bill, I can’t call this one a rant because I feel the same way and I never rant! I will be so glad when the elections are over and we can stop being bombarded with them on tv and at our doors (local candidates send out teams to knock on your door and hand you a brochure – with or without spiel – every evening/weekend). Wonderful painting, perhaps harking back to days when this crap wasn’t so prevalent?

  19. Pegi Sue says:

    Ahhh, ranting is good!!! And I love yours!!! You SO sound like me!!!!:)

    OK, so, I am FINALLY back and finished the “Melanie” portrait!!! What has come over me??? and now I want to paint??? OH STOP!!!!LOL

    Just lettin’ you know that I AM BACK!!! Go US!!!:)

  20. So you are work, work, working … are you make, make, making the money?? And hmmm, how about if I sell you a cup that you can take to the cafeteria to put your coffee in — a very special, very exclusive, and EXPENSIVE cup, just right for someone who’s working and making the moolah!

    As for the politics, at least! That’s off the hyper mode — well, for a couple weeks or so while the politicians and their groupies regroup. Enjoy the lull. It’ll go by in a blink.

  21. hope you had a nice turkey day, Bill.

  22. Katrina says:

    I’m realizing that I am missing you.

  23. wrjones says:

    Diana – I don’t think there was ever a time of innocence, remember that conniving Adam.

    Rhonda – what do you mean you can’t call “this one” a rant. None of my world view discussions are rants! Well, maybe one or two could be classified as being near rants I suppose.

    Pegi Sue Pegi Sue oh how my heart yearns for you. You know that sounds pretty good in my head. Are you still going? I hope so.

    Aletha, how the time flies. First I had the turkey day turkey, now the Christmas day turkey.

    Katrina – good. You should miss me. I’m free next week to paint! Could you pack us a picnic lunch? Bring any toys you got for Christmas!

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