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Masterpieces and Idiots

By W R Jones The Teacher    14″ x 18″   Oil on linen panel I was at a framing shop when I noticed a beautiful large, 8′ x 10′, maple frame.  I commented on it and the frame shop … Continue reading

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By WR Jones DOTS  –  4″ x 4″  –  Oil on Gessoboard They are helpful about taking my money.  On the cover of the issue I received yesterday was a tear out postcard to subscribe.  It had a year’s subscription … Continue reading

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By WR Jones I saw a young black man at a grocery store today with his pants barely hanging on below the hips and 50% of his underwear showing.  He made a small tug on his trousers to hike them up a … Continue reading

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Thicker Is Not Better

By wr jones You can tell by the expression of this young lady, unless you are an idiot, that she is fed up with plastic packaging.  I am too. She is missing her left arm which was lopped off in … Continue reading

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Performance Enhancing

By W. R. Jones I don’t get what the fuss is about performance enhancing drugs.  Those athletes are doomed to train-wreck bodies anyway.  Do you really give a shit what drugs they take?  If you do simply because they may … Continue reading

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Profoundly Inefficient

By W.R. Jones This may be one of my last paintings with any green in it, we are moved to the desert now.   The new house is still a mess of flooring and bath changes, painting, etc.  I do … Continue reading

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Water and Oil

By wr jones We are in limbo in a move to AZ.  Most of belongings and all furniture are gone.  Only us left, sleeping on floor feeling age every time we creak up.   I decided to do some small … Continue reading

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