Annie And Claire ~ Painters Or Crooks?

    Before I get to the English painters, God Lisa, stop whining.  That is so like a woman.  Last week I was robbed and shot three times and you didn’t hear a peep out of me.  I went about my business as usual.

    Ok, I wasn’t actually robbed, or shot; it just felt that way when I had to pay $1500 for car repairs.  This after paying $1300 for repairs less than a month ago.

    Now to those two Brit robber Baronesses.  I met these ladies at California Art Institute on Saturday.   They seemed to be experienced painters with pleasant personalities.  But listen to this –  I paid them hard earned sawmill dollars to visit the blog and leave a comment saying they liked my paintings better that Lisa’s.  I rehearsed this several times with them to make sure they would get it right.  They took my money and ran.  I hope they get fat. 

    I had been complementing them both mentally for being slender.  Then I realized, of course, they are Brit; their food is so bland why would they want to eat.   Really, if you think about it, most Americans are accidentially fat.   Doesn’t it just look like their air bags went off?

    On top of being robbed, my Saturday painting was less than a minimum success.  I was going to toss it but have decided to see if I can do something with it as there are a couple of areas I like.  I will post it in the future. 

anotherculture_post.jpg  I think this young woman has a neat face.  I don’t remember for sure but I think she was posing at the Autry museum.

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23 Responses to Annie And Claire ~ Painters Or Crooks?

  1. grfxho says:

    I really like this one… but…

    The more I look at it, the more I want to see the rest of her. I want to see all of her hair, all of her colorful clothing, more of the context of that white umbrella-ish thing behind her.

  2. wrjones says:

    Hey, aren’t you supposed to be working? Now you want to make more work for me? Use that fertile imagination of yours. That way it will seem as if I made a great painting.

  3. grfxho says:

    I worked for 12 hours yesterday. A girl’s gotta have a break where she can demand work of others. :)

  4. wrjones says:

    Does that 12 hours include the time spent whipping up that gourmet dinner for Jer?

  5. grfxho says:

    If by gourmet dinner you mean A&W drive-thru… then no. I did that after the 12 hours in my original tally.

    So I’d like to revise that to 12.5 hours. I drove us there, after all.

  6. wrjones says:

    Driving does not count as part of gourmet preparation. However, driving and paying is similar to cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner.

  7. grfxho says:

    I paid too! I win!

  8. wrjones says:

    What a marvelous combination of intelligence and domestic skills! Working, driving, paying. You do win.

  9. grfxho says:

    Somehow, I get the impression I was insulted… I refuse to take your bait though. I refuse to go on and on about my ability to cook, clean, bake, AND sew (mostly because I can’t sew very well).

  10. wrjones says:

    That was a crystal clear, angel pure compliment. Can you knit? Since reading “Yarn Harlot” I’m wanting to knit. You should make me a pair of socks. Not the itchy ones please.

  11. grfxho says:

    Wait, wait, wait. You want to knit, therefore I need to make you a pair of socks? I can’t wait to hear this logic…

  12. wrjones says:

    Milkweed, this is not about logic. This is me trying to help you develop into the warm, caring, sock making person you are destined to be. This is not about me trying to get something again; although my feet are cold, I suppose I can just take them out of the draft. I’m trying in my gentle way to prepare you for knitting booties for those twins.

  13. grfxho says:

    I was going to type the following:

    “..if…IF…I EVER have twins… I’m going to hold you accountable…”

    Then I realized the implications of that statement and I had a good laugh at myself, the former-blonde.

    PS-I’m still not knitting you socks.

  14. lbtowers says:

    Can I interject? Is that a matchstick sticking out of that model’s mouth Bill?

    Nice catch grfxho. I got a good laugh out of that too. I guarantee you Bill would have used it.

  15. grfxho says:

    I think she’s chewing on grass, Lisa. Like a farmer. We’d be able to tell for sure if Bill would stop trying to get free stuff and paint more of the picture.

    I also propose that since Bill is all gung-ho about knitting, he should make us each some socks. Please make mine red.

  16. wrjones says:

    I find it shameful that my fellow countrymen are so ignorant of other cultures. This beautiful young Asian woman was smoking a cigar as any world traveler knows is their custom. Knowing how upsetting this would be to the Baptist Women’s League, I changed it to a spoke in an umbrella. God, I hate giving up my painting secrets.

    We can have imaginary twins, Ragweed and Thistle.

    I have had imaginary girlfriends, Trixie and Bubbles, for many years. They use to be young women crazy about middle aged engineers; I had to update them recently to middle aged women crazy about elderly senile engineers.

    They go with me whenever I travel and we do party! One thing though, no matter how inexpensive a restaurant I take them to, I’m always the one who has to pay. They are old fashioned in this regard. I, myself, am very modern in that I’m willing to let the woman pay for everything as soon as she gets the house and yard work done (after her 9:5 job of course).

    Of course I’ll make you some socks. My advice, however, is to not hold your breath. So far I’ve be unable to knit or purl a single row.

  17. grfxho says:

    Yes, but have you actually TRIED to knit or purl? I don’t think you can say “unable” if you haven’t actually tried first.

    Incidentally, I had no idea you were susceptible to religious influence… Baptist Women’s League indeed.

  18. wrjones says:

    I have “cast on” as us knitters say. I think I did it too tight as I’ve been unable to knit a single stitch? This is very hard work. I’m hoping to have those socks done by Christmas.

  19. grfxho says:

    I like how you haven’t knitted a stitch, yet term yourself “us knitters.” It shows real guts.

  20. wrjones says:

    I’ve got more balls than a pool table … sometimes, in other cases they are like BB’s in a boxcar.

  21. grfxho says:

    I’m waiting for Lisa to interject again. I’m sure she has a gem for just such an occasion.

  22. wrjones says:

    What are you doing?!!!! For God’s sake, don’t encourage an attack from Lisa. My lower lip will be quivering for a week when she gets done.

  23. lbtowers says:

    I swanee you two, how is it that I am missing all of these comments? Trusty ol’ wordpress is not keeping up here for me and asking for MY okay. Either you guys are taxing their system and they are saying “what the hell let that one go too”, or Bill you have figured out a way to override their system and get around me haven’t you? Fess up before it becomes poppy seeds in a boxcar.

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