Drawing Large Breasts

by WR Jones

figure-study-12.jpg  Ok, she does not have large breasts.  I was going to title this post Large Tits but Lisa tells me that word is offensive to women in general.  I don’t know why it should be.  Don’t we have equality?   I know I stopped opening doors and paying for drinks or anything else for women long ago (not out of concern for equality – just laziness and being a tightwad).  I can’t think of any name for the male member that would be offensive to men except maybe; little man, tiny, shorty, minuscule, etc.  Lisa acts the hardened journalist afraid of no words, but she is really a caring person that doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

    The title has nothing to do with the drawing, I used it in the fashion of the National Enquirer, a misleading headline to suck you in, then I’m going to talk about this coming Sunday’s church picnic and how much everyone should contribute, send your money (cash) directly to me.   Trying to build circulation you understand.  And why not, all media (radio, magazine, newprint, TV) use this bullshit method to make us stay up ’til 11 to watch Lindsey Lohan deliver the alien baby.

    I used this title because I noticed in the blog stats that my post on “Painting The Natural Breast” was getting more clicks than the others.  I’m just curious to see if this will get clicks as well.  It is hard for me to imagine anyone Googling for breasts in this age, they are exposed everywhere, you would think interest would wane.  I got to thinking last night maybe the viewers are from parts of the world where they tent up the ladies.  I should be able to tell this if I post with a title like “Painting the Sensuous Knee Cap” to see how many clicks that gets.

   Bored with this post – too late you already read it – but for your patience here is a little treat:


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14 Responses to Drawing Large Breasts

  1. grfxho says:

    I adore this drawing. I can’t stop looking at it. The shape, color, her expression are all very engaging.

    I like the shape of the piece in particular, the way the background shading accentuates the pose, adding more impact to her slightly cocked hip and lean to look back.

    Oh, and the 1-minute painting is a neat trick. I bet he’s fun at Pictionary.

  2. lbtowers says:

    I like this drawing too Bill. You’re pretty good at this! I think I’ll keep you!

  3. 100swallows says:

    I pull the same trick with the titles of my posts. “The Mother of All Nudes” was such a hit I did a sequel. And I was a thoughtful enough to call my post on Giotto’s Last Judgment “Little Nudes in Hell”. Boy did they come a-runnin’!

  4. wrjones says:

    If the congregation doesn’t start clicking on our blog, I’m going to go back to these misleading titles.

  5. 100swallows says:

    Hey, Bill, I hope no one gets the wrong idea from these last posts about misleading titles. You and I obviously take our subject VERY seriously. We are only trying to get people to come and read and maybe learn something. Titles about nudes and breasts do draw the wrong kind of reader, so probably they are counterproductive.

  6. grfxho says:

    You never know… you may find a handful of honest art aficionados among the porn crowd…

  7. wrjones says:

    I’m preparing another breast post spawned by my recent walk for breast cancer. If you were to send me a small retainer in cash I could have the delivery boy place it on your doorstep when it comes out.

  8. Frank says:

    I don’t like the drawing, she looks like she expects something from a body that has no ideas at all. She looks like a nice Jewish girl that should out shopping.

  9. wrjones says:

    She is a nice girl, Frank. I don’t know if she is Jewish or not. She is looking in the closet trying to decide what to wear to go shopping.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I did a self-portrait in college and painted my breasts…I’m not sure the prof and students were expecting me to reveal so much of myself…However, she was a lesbian and told me it was a nice piece!

  11. wrjones says:

    Rebecca – show me, show me. I expect that piece got a better reception by everyone than a self portrait of a big dick (ok, small pecker).

  12. ivdanu says:

    As always, You are incredibly (and ingeniously) funny! I almost had an orgasm laughing (not sure it’s possible for men, even alder ones…) And the drawing is very good, even without large breast…

  13. As always, You are incredibly (and ingeniously) funny! I almost had an orgasm laughing (not sure it’s possible for men, even alder ones…) And the drawing is very good, even without large breast…

  14. wrjones says:

    Ivandu – you are really digging into the past for reading material. Are you a speed reader that has burned up everything else to read around the house? If you figure out that giggling/orgasm mechanism PLEASE share.

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