Rejected Booty

by Lisa


      I finally managed to get a few pictures of the ceramic “coil” pot of a nude form that I made in my ceramics class (see “Archives September 9th) — front and back images. Can you tell the whole thing began to sink a bit as I continued to add to the height of it? I spent hours yesterday glazing it only to find out from an advanced student, that the teacher in charge of loading the kiln would certainly reject my piece because it is a planter. She said that the glaze on the inside could leak out through the hole in the bottom. I frankly don’t understand this, and certainly wonder if the glaze can leak out on the inside, why it doesn’t leak out on the outside as well? This teacher apparently also rejects bongs, and ashtrays too. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! It just dawned on me as to the real reason why she rejects PLANTERS!!!!

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