Bill’s Exciting Start

by Lisa 

Gee, sounds like Bill is having fun. I got this email last night from him, and thought I would forward it on to you:

 I didn’t want to write as the envy might do you permanent mental damage.

The first day out my GPS died so I had to buy another or risk ending
up in Mississippi. The credit card was rejected.  I was on hold for 30
minutes listening to a synthetic voice tell me how good the card was
and it would not be rejected for legitiment charges because of their
great software.

Last night I continued the 4 star life by sleeping in a WalMart
parking lot and eating 7 grain bread and gummy worms.

Tonight I’m in Tetonia Idaho, a town of about 3. The next town has a
population of 600 and the one after that 800.  This motel is a dump.
I asked where I could buy some wine and got the answer nowhere.

The painting location is 20 miles from here.

Raining now but supposed to clear tomorrow.

On the plus side this area has extreme beauty that makes you want to
stop and paint every mile.

I don’t know.  I think he’s just trying to make me feel better.

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