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Masterpieces and Idiots

By W R Jones The Teacher    14″ x 18″   Oil on linen panel I was at a framing shop when I noticed a beautiful large, 8′ x 10′, maple frame.  I commented on it and the frame shop … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love

By wr jones “Erika” in a sort of Sargent pose – oil on  linen 36″ x 24″ Neighborhood Watch  –  oil on linen  –  I don’t remember the size and am too lazy to check.  He weighs 5 lbs and … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Rain Rain Pressed Against My Window Pane

By WR Jones My goodness it has been such a long time I’m about to explode with pent up rants. Let’s ease back into this so I don’t do myself further mental damage. HEALTHCARE reform – nice job Obama! My … Continue reading

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The High Cost Of Wire

By W. R. Jones I had no idea wire was so damn expensive.  I got some new glasses a few weeks ago so I could see to finish this painting.  I selected a pair of frames that were on sale … Continue reading

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If I Were King – On The Economy

By (we are talking KING here, it has got to be)  WR Jones      Ok, the economy is a mess.   I have the solution:       First, legalize drugs.  We are spending a fortune fighting a battle that, obvious to the most … Continue reading

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Dumber Than 40 Water Buffalo

By Lisa,  no doggone it, it is me again, W.R. Jones.     This is a painting of Zhilun Li.  She works for me.   She is very smart, very hard working, and very very driven to get given assignments completed.   Someone … Continue reading

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Making Coffee

By WR Jones     This is a pencil drawing I did of a woman I went early morning cow drawing with in Montana.    She could draw them pretty good.  Mine sort of looked like they were genetically misprogrammed sheep dangling … Continue reading

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