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This category is all about my work as an art instructor at CAI and throughout Southern California.

Blue Boy

“Blue Boy” – 46″ x 54″ (or something like that) – Charcoal on Rough Damn WC Paper Thought I would post the finished drawing that just about did me in (see my past posts). I’m not sure how big you all can see this … Continue reading


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Husbands and Wives Need Not Apply

by Lisa        And no husband and wife teams as students please. They do nothing but compete with each other. This sets up lots and lots of tension between them and the rest of the class becomes privy to it. Once … Continue reading

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The Case of the Bad Rug Student

by Lisa                                The Donald Trump toupee on a baby I have been teaching for about ten years now. Literally hundreds of students have crossed the threshold of my door. For the most part, I am proud to say that I … Continue reading

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