By WR Jones


Teresa    16″ x 20″  
Oil on linen


I was taking a shower a few minutes ago and the line “a memory flooding back” came to mind. But really, nothing comes “flooding back” anymore. I have memories that come squirting back or maybe trickling back. “Flooding back” would probably indicate some sort of major neural collapse where a weakened part of the brain fails and then contaminates an adjacent relatively functional area.

The memories that trickle back aren’t all that dependable either. It might go like this; hmm that face looks familiar do I know her? Oh ya that’s my wife, just saw her at breakfast. Remember, she has black hair, she has black hair, she has black hair. That should help me for awhile.


I was at the rec center pumping iron this morning. Well, sort of pumping iron. I was sitting on one of those leg exercise machines watching TV. A man was saying something about the news but I was distracted by that annoying channel logo at the corner of the screen. Whoever came up with the concept of the broadcast logo on the screen for the entire program should be exterminated. Along with all his family out to second cousins in case there is a genetic link. And the person/s responsible for the scrolling ad showing some future program that appears at the bottom of the screen should be painfully exterminated.

Sorry, I digressed. So I’m trying to catch what this news caster is saying but there is a scrolling news feed at the bottom of the screen on a completely different subject. I could catch something about a woman falling 25 feet. I dropped focus on the newscaster and tried to read what happened to the falling woman. However, over the scrolling lines of news feed there was a closed caption continuously overwriting the underneath news.

Thus the thought “we are being trained for ADD” came flooding to my mind. After thirty minutes I got off the machine. I don’t remember if I actually exercised my legs or not. Maybe that memory will come trickling back.

Prone to distraction by the slightest puff of wind, I now find I’m being trained to an ever higher level of ADD.


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5 Responses to Teresa

  1. Oh my god. I though I was the only one who couldn’t stand watching a program with not one but TWO huge distracting icons (or even clips with action!!!) while I’m trying to WATCH a program. And, speaking of memory, does the channel number really have to stay in the corner all the time? Like I can’t remember which channel I’m watching? Are you sure second cousin is enough?

  2. Oh, I forgot. So nice to see a post. the painting is lovely.

  3. You’re exactly right. Thanks for reminding me, that’s why I don’t have tv. After a while I forget.
    Nice painting. Has a professional portrait feeling about it.

  4. You’re back :), yayyyy, as inappropriate a cheering it might be for a woman my age. So nice to read and see your work again. Cheers, Eda

  5. wrjones says:

    Thanks Georgina – yes the channel number has to stay but it is legal to bitch about it repeatedly.
    Thanks Albert no tv? What the hell. I have a 70″ version so I can see the channel number from across the room.

    Edlira so many years – you must be married with 6 kids by now. Hopefully not more than two of them are ornately tattooed drug dealers.

    I’m mostly posting on Facebook. I will still post here from time to time. If you wish to view posts on FB you can look for William R Jones. There a quite a few of us with that mellifluous name so you may need to add UCLA to the search. Hope to see you there.

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