A Mother’s Love

By wr jones

“Erika” in a sort of Sargent pose – oil on  linen 36″ x 24″

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch  –  oil on linen  –  I don’t remember the size and am too lazy to check.  He weighs 5 lbs and this is 3/4 size painting, you do the calculations.

Mango Resting
Mango not watching the neighborhood – off duty position.

I read an article about a woman with a cat and a child.  The article didn’t mention it but it seems she got the cat before the child was born.  Turns out the child is allergic to the cat.   On finding this out the mother took a belligerent stand about never getting rid of the cat.  The way it read in the paper made it seem that getting rid of the child and keeping the cat was a option.  Instead mother came up with  a plan to dose the child daily with allergy pills and eye drops.  I hope the kid has a loving grandparent because if the cat turns up allergic to the kid, sonny boy is history.

I would choose my daughter over Mango (most of the time anyway).   Mango wouldn’t care that much.  He would head out the doggy door and look for a better life elsewhere.  I’m not sure how much better life he would expect to get.   We feed him, wipe his butt, carry him everywhere and give up our pillows nightly for him to sleep comfortably.

You can’t buy these paintings for any amount of money – within reason of course, oh hell, just make me an offer.

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