Kamikaze Painter


by Lisa

Notice anything funny? Do most chairs have a handle that flushes?  No.  Indeed, that is my third floor bathroom.  This, is how we diehard painters will go the distance to capture that beautiful scene outside even if it means standing on your knees on the toilet for hours.  I personally will climb any indoor mountain, to avoid the bugs, the critters, the bird poop, the honking cars, the people who come to observe and tell you they know where a good painting class is being offered (and you happen to be the teacher of that class), and in my case now here in Iowa, the COLD.

I was spoiled in California with the weather year round.  It is a different playing field here in ol’ Dubuque, Iowa, for sure, where the wind off that mighty river down yonder, will freeze you up faster than you can say, “Bill, stop stealing that ladies flowers.”  We, as diehards, have to find other means in the winter, even if it involves a toilet.

Bill, if no one buys that sweet little painting you are auctioning below this post, will you give it to  me?  (tip to all:  that is one of Bill’s most beautiful paintings, and you are all nuts not to buy it.  I would buy it, but I am hoping none of you bid on it, and he will just give it to me.)


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2 Responses to Kamikaze Painter

  1. I’ve done some sketching from…that seat before, but this–you deserve an award of some kind: “Most Committed Avoidance of the Elements” goes to Lisa!

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you for your support, Albert. I accept the award with honor and with a continued commitment to element avoidance at all costs.

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