By WR Jones


DOTS  –  4″ x 4″  –  Oil on Gessoboard


They are helpful about taking my money.  On the cover of the issue I received yesterday was a tear out postcard to subscribe.  It had a year’s subscription as $23.96.  Standing by the mailbox I started to remove it from the cover to put into the outgoing mail slot.  Before I could finish another postcard fell out of the magazine.   Picked it up – another subscription postcard – this time for $21.96.  Being somewhat of a financial wizard I went with the fall out postcard.  I looked in my checkbook at last year’s price – $14.95.   Everyone at the magazine must have received a nice raise this year.

The candy painting goes well with my Halloween sweet tooth.  If I hadn’t spent so much money on that magazine I could have more candy.  Still, all is not lost.  This makes for a rational reason not to share my shortened supply of sweets with a hoard of scruffy children.

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4 Responses to Subscription

  1. rebecca says:

    yummy Dots. :) Miss ya Billy boy.

  2. wrjones says:

    Becca, I would share all my candy with you. I’m persona non grata in my neighborhood Halloween loop so perhaps you could dress up and shag us a couple of bags of DOTS, SNICKERS, CHARLESTON CHEWS, TOOTSIE ROLLS, BABY RUTH. I put that list in all caps to help you remember.

  3. 100swallows says:

    Nice to see you back, Bill.

  4. wrjones says:

    Thanks 100swallows. My daily activities including actual painting don’t leave me much time to blog anymore. In the old days I was blogging in lieu of doing my day job. You don’t suppose that is why they told me to take a hike do you?

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