Thicker Is Not Better

By wr jones

You can tell by the expression of this young lady, unless you are an idiot, that she is fed up with plastic packaging.  I am too.

She is missing her left arm which was lopped off in a chain saw accident while trying to open her new toaster.

All this talk about “Green” is a huge pile of whiffledust.  We keep pouring more and more plastic into the environment.   I don’t really care about the coming ecological disaster, I will be gone.  But someone, say around the age of 3, should be near panic.  If they were smart they would write their congress person to complain.  Assuming, of course, the 3 year old could remove the thick damn plastic from the new pen.

I bought some batteries the other day.  Spent 30 minutes trying to get them out of the pack.  Missed the show I was needing the batteries to watch.  I looked high and low thru the house for an implement to cut through the very hard thick plastic package.  Finally used those chicken scissors that are part of a cutlery set.  Even then it was a struggle.  I expect the next step in the package industry vs consumer war they will move toward a steel box welded shut to hold those paper clips you need for the office.

I can understand this vault type packaging would cut down on the shoplifting of small items.  Hard to hide that watch battery entombed in a body size package you can barely get to the counter with a large cart.

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9 Responses to Thicker Is Not Better

  1. George Love says:

    Wow, now I know what my expression is when I go to the grocery and they insist on bagging my apple. Or the gallon container that the stupid useless bag can’t hold anyway. I always get the wierd look when I say “don’t bag it; brought my own” or, even worse, manage to carry the apple out of the store without the bag. People are obsessed with packaging, makes my head explode.

  2. Carol King says:

    Lovely drawing. I can see the pain in her face. Not sure if it’s from losing her arm or her inability to open plastic packaging.

    I agree, it’s getting harder and harder to open anything these days. I need scissors, a razor blade and yes, sometimes a chain saw.

    Nice to see you back and working. I really like your drawing. Please try and find her left arm and re-attach it. Her pained expression may change to one of jubilation.

  3. Barbara Pask says:

    You had me laughing immediately, poor gal with no arm, lol I know what you mean about the way they package items, when we all get old and feeble what will we do? Can’t get in those stupid child proof bottles now, lol. Glad you can still get to your art supplies, your sketch is so nice.

  4. Dawn Fetty says:

    I swear every time I have to open up something in that hard plastic I feel like I’m going to wind up stabbing myself just trying to get to the product…it is CRAZY!
    Your drawings are great. I love the way you caught her expression. You have such a soft quality to your drawings….really, really nice!

  5. lori says:

    Very good drawing! How are you liking the desert, when we going to see some cactus paintings?

    Batteries are sooo precious, we need to have them in bomb-proof containers. I wonder how they package big diamonds, (haven’t bought any of them lately) is it like batteries or a gallon of milk they offer to put into the tissue paper thin bag that the apples break out of.

  6. Nice sketch. Yeah, she does seem a bit put out.
    I buy batteries plastic-sealed onto a piece of cardboard. An exacto knife will barely penetrate the plastic so I go in through the cardboard backing.
    I bought a “go phone” recently that was completely sealed in plastic, and after 15 frustrating minutes in the parking lot I’d made no appreciable progress, so I went home and attacked it with scissors.
    They say the problem is that plastic won’t bio-degrade but I don’t think that phone package will ever even lose it’s shape.

  7. Hi, bill! this is to announce you I<ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. See the link:

  8. wrjones says:

    George – congrats on being so “green”. Good idea with the apple. I usually stand at the apple display and eat it there. Put the core in the middle of the stack as a test of dexterity. I have found, to my dismay, that the store does not appreciate my expression of “green”.

    Carol – thanks. Her left arm is reaching for the bottle of anti-depressant pills. I didn’t want to influence any young children so left it out.

    Barbara – glad to give you a giggle. You and Carol and that arm business. She is an amputee! I got her to pose by promising to give back the prosthesis if she would not look so glum. Didn’t work.

    Dawn – thanks. I’ve been trying to draw horses lately. Lordy they do not stand still for two seconds. No wonder someone invented a camera.

    Lori – I just finished a church painting today and my next piece will be of the desert. You are in for such a treat!

    Albert – so I say screw the next generation/s – let them deal with more plastic on earth than dirt. If I were young I’d work on genetic engineered carrots that grow in plastic.

    Ion – thank you very much. Also it is nice to see you can’t spell for shit either.

  9. duckdonald says:

    Love your drawings!!!!

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