Rain Rain Rain Rain Pressed Against My Window Pane

By WR Jones

My goodness it has been such a long time I’m about to explode with pent up rants.

Let’s ease back into this so I don’t do myself further mental damage. HEALTHCARE reform – nice job Obama!

My son had an operation that was supposed to be outpatient procedure.  It was to last 30 minutes to an hour.  Four hours latter when it was finished the doctor decided to hold him overnight.

He received the bill, $7000 for the overnight stay.   That is $7000 for the room alone, didn’t have anything to do with the surgery.  He was NOT in intensive care.  He had a shared room (with a man who had been pistol whipped during a robbery.  He withdrew money from an ATM at 6:00 AM)  Lesson here, pack heat when you withdraw from an ATM.

So I have to ask myself how does one come up with a bill of $7000 for a shared room with minimal nursing for one night?  What is clearly happening is that for all the people who can’t pay anything, the person who can afford SOMETHING is made to pay for  EVERYONE who can’t pay.  This concept is astounding to me.

A more logical approach would be to charge the person who can pay, a just amount for HIS/HER use,  not for everyone else.  What would this amount be?  I can’t get it exactly but I do see bills of say $1000 from a doctor that are settled by the insurance company for say $350.  This means the provider can stay afloat or even make a bit of profit with the $350.

So I say to all  the jerkoff presidents et al, in politics why can’t you stop people from being HUGELY overcharged?   If we must cover everyone then let’s share the burden equally.  This would mean higher taxes I know but then someone who can pay a reasonable amount for care is not wiped out.  We can share the load which means higher taxes, a bit less for doctors, and a big amount less for insurance executives who earn multi million bonuses by screwing as many people as possible while appearing to care.

Yes I do understand the insurance companies must earn a profit and are under constant assault by crooks.  So we need to shoot the crooks with the guns we need to carry for ATM withdrawals.

There now, I’m feeling better.

Merry Christmas.










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31 Responses to Rain Rain Rain Rain Pressed Against My Window Pane

  1. This answers my question. It’s raining! And you have caught the rainy mood in this amazing portrait. Merry Christmas, Bill. I have missed your fine rants, the finest around.

    Those doctors should be compelled to buy one of your paintings and should pay the premium price too.
    Hope your son is doing fine now.

    Merry Christmas to you, Bill, and to the whole Bill family.

  2. Great to hear from again!!! The rant is timely as my husband will be in for surgery on Monday for 23 hours total surgery plus the watching over. Can’t wait for that bill. Will let you know.
    Whose lovely portrait is that?
    Merry Christmas to you too, Bill.

  3. Carol King says:

    Hey is that Rahina? Is that where you’ve been? Scotland? Cool!

    As always, enjoyed your rant as much as your painting.

    Missed you. Merry Christmas. Don’t wait for my gift to arrive.

  4. wrjones says:

    Aletha – thanks.

    Cathyann – Oh my, hope he comes out well. He definitely will come out poorer. I would be interested in the bill. I have a friend who’s son’s operation was $500,000. The hospital settled for $30,000 from the insurance company but if my friend had not had insurance he would have been expected to pay the entire 1/2 million. It is crazy!

    Carol – good eye. In fact this is a self portrait by RQH. She wasn’t happy with it so she wadded it up and sent it to me. I put it under a rug to flatten it again and put some paint on it to cover up the creases. She was too cheap to use a mailing tube; just folded and sent in an envelope. She is not too bright. She does paint faces pretty well though, even her own.

  5. rahinaqh says:

    thanks a lot for letting the world of art bloggers know what a stingy git i am… its nice to see my reputation precedes me. i love how you have balanced this painting: the skin tones, the texture of skin, the colours in the hair, the shadows in the sweater and those rain drops on the window pane, and the small house in the background… just excellent! and i was going to burn this one as i do with so many of my paintings. just shows in the right hands, wonderful things can happen. thank you for taking the time to fix it:)
    as for your rant, well i don’t know why you guys don’t just follow our UK national health service system. it works for us; it’s not five star service but the nurses have great hearts and care; the food is awful and flowers are not allowed… so everyone is a winner and everyone is well. i hear norway has the best health care in the world. anyway i am not goign to compete with your rants… that just isn’t possible. thank you again and i hope your son is recovering well and you and your family are having a peaceful merry Christmas.

  6. I’ve missed you Bill…
    I hope your son is better by now.

    … and I couldn’t agree more.

    I hope you enjoy a beautiful and restful holiday with your family and people you care about!!!

  7. Lori says:

    Wow sorry to hear about your son, I hope he is well now. Hospital bills ruined me financially. $40,000 appendectomy and $15,000 12 hour stay for possible heart attack. They did zip for the latter and saved my life on the former. I missed your rants too, its good to see you back. Some doctors do take paintings for pay, its always worth a try.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. george love says:

    Well, love to hear your rants! And I can’t help but comment….maybe it will help MY mental health. My husband had two squamous cancers removed – one from in front of the ear, one on the top of his finger. They used the tool that peels it and the Dr. looks, they peel, etc., supposedly this is to avoid the “apple core” method, and also to get all cells as they peel till it’s clean. Okay, so he’s at the guy’s office for 3 hours, Blue Cross is billed – hold on – $12,000. Ahem. THEY send a letter reminding us we need to be ecstatic as they have, with their “special physician deals” negotiated this to only (?) $9,000 and you lucky thing, we are paying six of it, P.S. here’s what you owe. That was not including the office visits, or biopsies. Wow, we feel special. No wonder people just curl up and die. At least your son is ok!

  9. A.Decker says:

    Damn nice portrait.

  10. sam says:

    Forgive me, Bill, for I have sinned. I got rant withdrawal and dropped you like a bad pill. We should both thank Carol, cuz if it weren’t for her, I woulda missed this latest rant. I also thought this was a portrait of Rahina (as usual, much better than you thought, RHQ) but I knew you didn’t go to Scotland cuz they don’t let folks on the plane for free. Instead, you were as generous as a saint and fixed her painting. You are a saint.

    Merry Christmas, St. Bill. And a very happy new year to you and yers.

  11. lesliepaints says:

    Welcome back, Bill! I have missed you. Rainy day blues done exceptionally well! Funny about your rant. I actually thought they were going to make Healthcare “affordable” for everyone. I don’t see that, yet. All I can muster is that the costs are going to continue to rise and new programs are going to be designed to “try” and get the bills payed. I guess I am still back at square one where one can’t pay for something with money they don’t have.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Well, I sure feel better.
    I have a fabulous Doctor and he once remarked that he works for the insurance company. He was only party facetious about that because we both know it’s true. Besides being obscenely overcharged at every turn the Ins guys are driving the Doctors away. Very upsetting and scary.
    I haven’t carried an ATM card since the ’80’s, partly for that reason but mostly because I won’t pay a fee to the bank for the card, and I won’t pay a fee to get MY money out of the ATM.
    Did you hear the story on the national news about how to avoid penalties for paying your bills on time or in full?
    Now I feel much better.
    Nice portrait and Happy New Year to you.
    PS I pay $10,000 a year for private health insurance and (LUCKILY) hardly use it.

  13. Barbara Pask says:

    Good to have you back and complaining again Bill, we miss it, lol. Happy Holidays to you and I hope things are good with your son now.

  14. wrjones says:

    Rahinaqh – Happy 2011. Sorry about exposing your miserliness to my million plus readers, including a broad swath of Scots. I had no idea you read. Did one of your countrymen tip you off? I will remove him from my subscription list, the rotter.

    Marian – Happy new year. Wishing you many great paintings for the year. This will be self full filling so it doesn’t cost me a cent (I’m a lot like Rahina).

    Lori – Happy new year. $15,000? Damn, I would insist they give me a real heart attack for that sort of money. Don’t stress so much over your paintings which end up fine, and your heart will continue to thrive. Dr. Feelgood.

    George Love – Happy 2011. Ok, for the coming year I recommend you get a scalpel DIY kit. Don’t spend all day on it like that quack. Go deep in one pass thus giving you ample time to chase after those dust rhinos under the bed that you neglected for the holidays. Dr. Feedgood.

    A. Decker – Thanks. Most of the work was done by Rahina. I recommend you look at paintings on her blog. But, just look at the pictures, don’t read. The words tend to bore to the point you are apt to pitch forward in a stupor and break your nose on the keyboard. And, as you can see from this post and comments, that will be expensive. Happy new year.

    Sam – It is perfectly ok to drop me as long as you pick me up again. Most have dropped me except for the dog. He is standing by only because I feed him and let him out to pee. Have you been hanging out at the Carol blog? Her rants and paintings will help you have a grand new year.

    Leslie – Happy new year. The whole medical thing is depressing. There seems to be no answer except to stay well then die very rapidly. If something should happen to my wife, I won’t be looking for a “sugar mama” – well ok, maybe just a quick glance around. I will be scouting for an “Advil Mama” – my term for a woman with enough money to handle all my health bills including the medical marijuana and recreational Vicodin.

    Mary – $10,000? Could you add me to that policy? No sense in both of us paying. I have an old scalpel; I will treat your minor skin cancers. Yes, I know I have to wash it first, that is what dishwashers are for dear. I have an upcoming short rant on paying off bills. Actually I have several pent up rants but no paintings ready. Happy 2011 Mary.

    Barbara – Me complain? I just mention stuff that annoys the peewadin out of me. I’m a stoic, laconic, suffer silently, manly type. Alright, every once in a great while a tiny squeak of a complaint may leak out. Wishing you another year of fine paintings.

  15. Bonnie Luria says:

    Look at this loyal list of rant revelers! And really, is it a rant if it’s totally justified and accurate?
    If you ever looked at an itemized list of the discharge papers from any hospital stay, you’d have to ask why a band aid is billed at $3. For one.
    And we take it.
    I hope your son has only the bill to complain about and not further health issues.
    And they you produce this lovely, sensitive portrait.
    You still have it Bill.

  16. david lobenberg says:

    A very dreary and evocative painting, Mr. Bill. I like it!! I love, love rainy days as long as I’m not going to be flooded out of my home sweet home. My New Yrs. Res. is to be happy…good luck to me with that!! “The day is cold and dark and dreary. The rain it falls and the wind is never weary. The vine still clings to the moldering walls, but with each gust, the dead leaves fall, and the day is cold and dark and dreary.” Some elite, Intellectual, snob, fagot poet wrote that, but I still like it.

    :-) <- This smiley face is to show David is neutral on the gay issue. Therefore, if you are gay you can still buy his paintings without feeling you let your genre down. wrj

  17. david lobenberg says:

    Bill, can ya put a smiley face or LOL after my last sentence so no dim- wits think I’m anti gay?

  18. Hi Bill – great to see you back – hope your son is doing well.

  19. wrjones says:

    David – I like that poem too. To counter the impression I might be a little swishy for using those pastel colored weights at the gym, and why do they have to make the black weights so damn heavy, I sometimes carry my car keys in my back pocket. There they jingle like spurs. Along with the jingling when I walk, I sing a little cowboy song like “get along little doggie”. This makes me appear pretty pretty masculine I think.

    Connie – hi to you and happy new year!

  20. Dawn says:

    Bill…those of us who have Insurance pay for those who don’t.

  21. Dawn says:

    p.s. I REALLY like that painting!!!
    and…I only wished I’d sold that painting at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art…If I do….I’ll take you to lunch! Happy New Year!

  22. wrjones says:

    Dawn – Sell it! I’m hungry. It will be a long drive for you to make it by lunch so maybe we should go for dinner.

  23. It’s a wonderful painting.

    I’m sorry to hear your son had to be in the hospital. Charges can indeed be bewildering. It’s also complicated about where all that money goes.

    A huge chunk of money could be saved by hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices if there were no liability insurance charges. Insurance companies could also save us all money by cutting out some of the executives.

    And running a hospital involves more than meets the eye. It’s not like running a hotel. If it was, people could check in to a hotel instead.

    One could shop around for hospitals, actually. Some charge patients less than others.

    Did you know that many hospitals are not operating at a profit?

  24. wrjones says:

    Diana – thanks. Yep I do not understand but do realize the complexity of health care. And at $7000 per night per bed the hospital can still go out of business. The part that bothers me is to support the 30 who can’t pay anything the person who can pay a reasonable amount can be screwed out of his/her/their life savings. If we are going to give free health care let’s all share equally and as fairly as possible in the cost.

    • rahinaqh says:

      so how does Norway do it? How do we in the UK do it? it’s time your govenment took a leaf out of these working examples which believe that healthcare is a human basic. $7000 a night sounds like total utter madness. i would truely liek to see a breakdown of such a cost and then each person justify their right to such money! so there!

  25. wrjones says:

    Rahina – $7000 is madness. But I can see how it happens. The hospital is trying to stay afloat and there are so many patients seen who can’t pay. They do get taken care of just not with expediency. The waiting room of that hospital is packed with hundreds of patients every day of the year. Most have minimal or no insurance and not a chance of paying the true cost of their care but they do get care. The major difference in their care is they have no options in who sees them and no continuity of caregivers. That is the way it works in the county teaching hospitals the world over I believe.

    • rahinaqh says:

      Bill, stop supporting a self-serving greedy system! in the UK and Norway you don’t have a choice in who you see yet this treatment is free for the working and non-working. You get a fully qualified doctor or specialist and if you really think you are more human than the rest of us then you can go find some fancy doctor with lots of letters after her name and throw your cash around. i am just wondering now if in the States, they say well you can have this doc or that doc who is cheaper cos they got half a medical degree or got struck off the medical register;) Perhaps it is because there is a believe that anything good costs lots of money but then you know what they say… all the best things in life are free like a national health service that doesn’t take advantage of people at their most vulnerable.. so there (again)

      • wrjones says:

        Rahina – perhaps Norway and the UK have fabulous health care, but it is not free. There is no free lunch as they say. You are paying for your health care with your extremely high tax dollars, euros or whatever. In your case, if you seldom or never get ill, you are paying for everyone else, including the drunks, with destroyed livers, and smokers with destroyed lungs. You could have been using those tax moneys to get new carpet. Jesus H. Christ carpet is expensive. Send your tax dollars to me.

  26. rahinaqh says:

    so Bill, what is wrong with spreading a little happiness??? either they will take my taxes and stick it in some fat cat politician’s pocket or provide me an environment in which people are reasonably content? yep, i believe in paying towards EVERYONE’S education and health care and not bombs and neurosis! and anyway, why do you want a carpet? don’t you live in california where it is hot and sweaty anyway?

  27. wrjones says:

    Rahina – Ok ok I get the picture – next time I get a runny nose I’m coming to Scotland for free treatment. Put on some chicken soup for me?

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