Red Shutter

By W. R. Jones

Last Saturday I had planned on starting a painting of an old truck pulling a beat up Airstream trailer.  The canvas was an 11″ x 14″.    The painting was going  to be from a photo I took.  I was attracted to the image because it was such a junkie looking rig parked in front of a nice house.  I speculated  the “poor” relatives were visiting.

But I couldn’t find my reference so I decided to do a plein air piece since the day was nice.   I saw this chair sitting on  the side of a house and asked the owner if I could paint it.    I had a 6″ x 8″ panel with me.   It looked sooo small like I could finish it in a few brief brush strokes.

Got all set up, mixed basic colors and pulled out my brush; brimming with confidence I made the first strokes.   The wheels came off straight away.  I could not draw that chair to save my life.  6″ x 8″ and 2 hours later I’m still trying to draw the chair.  So then I decided to paint it solid and paint the negative light areas.   What a suck idea that was.  That only works if you get the shape and value down correctly with a single stroke.   That skill is totally beyond me.  Wiped it down and started again.  I had to go back and forth background  to foreground.   So now it is 9pm and I’m painting by candlelight.   I did find that my painting looked better in the dark.

Look for my future plein air work to be of a single rock.

Here is a man with VALUES you can’t help but admire if for nothing else than the audacity to admit them.   A Victorville, CA  judge dismissed a mother’s request to restrain the father of their 9 month old son from visitation.   The judge denied it; accusing the woman of lying.   The father killed the baby and himself.   Judge’s response: “It occurred at the worst possible time for my candidacy.”

Yep, we need to elect more judges like this – his dick up that cost the life  of a baby is only important as it may weigh against his re-election.  This would give him further chance to make bad judgments and let us increase his salary because he now has more  experience.

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24 Responses to Red Shutter

  1. rahinaqh says:

    i think it is a lovely piece Bill: the shadows, the light on wall; the composition.

    as for that judge: did he actually admit he was at fault? that is rare! usually they find a scapegoat to blame.

  2. Bonnie Luria says:

    Aside from really liking this painting Bill, I liked reading about the way you approach the process of painting it. Working a 6X8,small as it is, it would never occur to me to paint the chair solid and then paint out the negative spaces.
    I’d still be there after the people moved out, painting the holes with my eyelashes.
    The shadows are terrific.

    ” there go the judge, there go the judge”……

  3. Lori says:

    I love the painting, the chair’s shadow looks great, and so does the chair. I hate painting chairs, they are hard to do, especially one like this one. I always wanted a set of chairs like this, with the cute little table to go with it but I figured they would be uncomfortable to sit on, I never thought of them as a plant stand. Then you could take the plant off and let the company sit on the chair when they come, they wouldn’t stay too long then.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, its nice seeing you again.

  4. For all your trouble, it came out fine, Bill.

    Sad tale about that judge.

  5. CarolKing says:

    Bill, you make me laugh. We’ve missed you in blog-land but it was worth the wait with this “Red Shutter” painting. I’m glad you persevered with painting the chair as it came out beautifully. (As did the rest of the painting.) I love the bright red of the shutter against the rest of the cooler tones.

    I hope that judge is out of a job come next election. Ugh!

  6. Sam says:

    Screw the judge. He should have to sit on this chair ’til he gets waffle-butt. Then it should be plugged in.

    I love red shutters.

  7. wrjones says:

    Rahina – Thanks. Nope he didn’t say it was his mistake just that it might have a negative impact on his re-election.

    Bonnie – thank you. Glad you got some enjoyment reading of my suffering :-)

    Lori – I don’t think I will ever paint another chair. They are as bad a hands.

    Cathyann – thanks. Pathetic about the judge!

    Carol – thank you. I’m not too pleased about the painting except for the discipline of seeing it through when I wanted to chuck it very early on.

    Sam – you should be a judge. That sounds like an apt punishment to me.

  8. Bill, so glad to see you posting again. I was worried about you.

    I think you did a great job on the chair, which I am sure was a killer, but you nailed it. I always wanted to paint by candlelight. hehe

    The judge is an insufferable jerk.

  9. It’s hard to believe you had ANY trouble with this Bill… It sure turned out well!
    The chair AND the shadow are hugely difficult… WOW..

    And yeah… that judge shouldn’t be…. anything. Amazing how some people view the world isn’t it??

  10. lesliepaints says:

    I think many an artist would find this chair challenging. I find this painting very pleasing right down to the tiny green reflection in the window!

  11. Good ol’ candelight. You got it in the end. It’s a charming chair – and I love those shadows. What is a picture without shadows?

  12. Oops, I didn’t spell candlelight properly.
    One demerit mark!

  13. Great idea you voiced about viewing some paintings in the dark to better appreciate them (although this piece isn’t one of them!). I’m going to put that suggestion into practice for some of the dogs I have lying in corners waiting for a fix.

    Very sad about the death of the child because of such a father. It’s doubly tragic that the mother tried to prevent it but the “justice” system wouldn’t listen.

  14. Nice piece Bill!! Negative space is fun, isn’t it? LOL. You are too hard on yourself. I agree, that sometimes things look better at night, so Just keep those pieces on bookshelves!

    omg, I can’t believe that judge. Is that really all he had to say?

  15. wrjones says:

    Connie – thanks. Yep that judge is a little self serving.

    Marian – thank you. I’m not ready to tackle those large plein air pieces you are doing so well. I will just stay small.

    Leslie – I don’t know about the many but I sure found it difficult.

    K – I would have never noticed the misspelling.

    Diana – not total darkness mind you just very very dim light, looking through sun glasses after a glass of wine.

    Rebecca – The paintings and I all look better in dim light. That is why all my bulbs are 3 watts.

  16. Bill, hmmm, it looks to me that you got the perspective right on the chair. bummer that it took a few attempts though. i know that feeling only too well!! Holly

  17. 100swallows says:

    I like the painting, Bill. Something nice about the big pot on the chair. Also the hanging, up-growing leaves of the ivy. And did anyone mention the cool window glass reflection?

  18. Really lovely painting. I like the shutters off to the side, bright red, very nice weight to the chair and shadows, yet subtle also. Wonderful airy feeling of spring in the whole of it. Fabulous!

  19. wrjones says:

    Holly – it took more than a few attempts. I covered up the errors with leaves.

    100swallows – thanks.

    Aletha – I dumped the red shutter. I like it at first but then every time I looked at the painting from across the room it looked off kilter with that red dominating.

  20. perhaps reconsider the red shutter — it put you in Vermeer’s camp — he did a red shutters in the The Little Street! (only his was on the right)

  21. wrjones says:

    Aletha – Vermeer you say? Perhaps I will change it back. I will wait until my wife wants some work done around the house. Then it’s off to the beach for another 8 hours of work on the inch of painting.

  22. Sounds like a good plan.

  23. A. Decker says:

    Aw dear dog! After all that I still ain’t sure if repainting the shutter blue was better or not.

  24. wrjones says:

    A. Decker – thanks for stopping by. Not sure either but I’m sticking with blue now out of shear laziness.

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