Racist or Just Stupid?

By WR Jones

Aletha thinks I’m slacking off since I haven’t posted for awhile.  So, I put this up even though it is not finished.  I have been busy with one thing or another lately and have had little time to paint.   I’m actively seeking a warm supportive woman with a TON of money to pay for my wife and I to retire and travel the world painting.

I saw an article the other day.  Forget where.  It may have been in USA Today (I like the colorful pictures of catastrophe).  Anyway, this article was about an athlete selected as female of the month/year/decade or something,  being …. “the first African-American female” to win some sort of ice skating championship.   What the hell!   What does skin color have to do with skating?   This is the sort of thing that promotes racism.   Now, if she had robbed a bank, it would be pertinent to mention her color or ethnicity.   It would help to know you were looking for a black female and not a Scandinavian runway model.

I don’t know which is the more aggravating, racism or stupidity.   If we as a country seek to end racism, how is it we can have a Black Entertainment channel and Latin Grammys?  You can imagine the media buzz if someone were to propose a White Grammys or a Good Ole Boy White Channel.

So let’s forget about skin color except for bank robbers.  And also could we just kill spammers, and those who insist on spraying their ignorant monikers on walls and bridges, etc.   I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a complete word let alone a sentence by the graffiti mongers.

Ok, got that off my mind;  think I will elevate my feet and unwind.

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32 Responses to Racist or Just Stupid?

  1. Carol King says:

    this is a beautiful painting, Bill. I love how the flowers in the front set off the perspective of the house. The doggie is beautiful. What’s under that porch?

  2. Sam says:

    Good ol’ Unconscious Amurikan Racism. UAR. That’s graffiti-speak for, “uar a racist”. I guess it’s fine with me if that’s what it took for you to finally let the dog out on the porch. Cute little guy (the dog).

  3. rahinaqh says:

    hey Sam that UAR is called institutionalised racism here in the UK. Sorry Bill for a minute I forgot this was your blog but i think you fell asleep resting on your laurels. the painting is beautiful and holds a story. i love the composition with the hollyhocks in the foreground and the puppy looking in that direction adding a touch of suspense: what is it he has seen to make him so alert?

  4. Anna says:

    That is a very cute painting! I really like it. We all become equal when we become wrinkled old with no teeth, lose the hair on our heads and grow hair out the ears. :)

  5. Hello my angst-filled fan club president. Slacking and feet elevating remain as what sets you apart from the other fakers! Keep up the good work, darling (love the beagle), and let your wife know I’m working on the lottery.

  6. wrjones says:

    Carol – thanks. Not sure what is under the porch yet as the painting is in progress. I need something to set off the hummingbird a little better; any ideas?

    Sam – I have that UAR tattoo. Not a real one, that would hurt. I used watercolor and a darning needle (to draw with, not poke).

    Rahina – feel free to rant here if you must. I can’t even get a cat nap in on my laurels. He is looking at the hummingbird. I guess I must make the bird more prominent.

    Anna – thank for the uplifting thought on equality:-)
    Becca – Nice to hear from you!!! I’m wishing you all the luck in the world.

  7. Bonnie Luria says:

    Stupidity or ignorance is the Petri dish for racism.
    No better example than the shout of of ” Liar “, hurled at Obama in the Senate. That would NEVER have happened to a white president.
    We’ve still got a long way to go.
    But your painting doesn’t look like it has a long way to go. It looks done and well done to me.

  8. Dar says:

    My better half wants to bring home a beagle. I’m gonna tell him that the little cutie you are painting is the only one I’ll let in the house. I like the way all the activity in this piece is balanced by the volume of space of the porch. And the flowers have a great delicate yet sturdy appearance.

    Good ole boy white channel; that’s fox news right?

  9. this is a fabulous painting…did you know that the hummingbird is about right at the mark in the golden mean? the tension between the dog and the bird is great. The only thing I would offer is to saturate the color of the bird a bit since it appears he is the focal point.I love the beagle’s expressivity, too.

  10. lesliepaints says:

    My favorite painting by far! I don’t need to say more!

  11. Wow, what a coincidence! I’ve been looking for a retired couple who have just received a great financial windfall from a rich benefactress who would be willing — nay, over-joyed — to shower some of their new-found cash in my direction so that I can just totally have fun and never have to worry about working for another dime ever again.

    Know anybody? (Super painting, by the way, but do remember to keep the beagle away from the horses.)

  12. Bill, What a cute little fella! He’s great! I also like the pink flowers on the right side; they do a great job of balancing the dog. Holly

  13. You’re allowed slacking when you come back with a post like this. :)

  14. wrjones says:

    Bonnie – thanks. We will never be rid of racism, or nationalism, or religionism, or departmentism,…
    The best we can do is to not add to it. I just get so disgusted with the media when they mention characteristics that have nothing to do with the accomplishment or story. It seems to be human nature to go the them vs us mode. We are better….

    Dar – thanks. I think you should buy this painting for your husband. No poop to clean up.

    Cathyann – thanks. I agree with your suggestion. I have been thinking about painting something dark behind the bird; like a butter churn, or something light like a white flower, but I think just a bit more color will be more subtle.

    Leslie – thanks. You must have a soft spot for dogs or barely visible birds.

    Aletha – we should share leads on sugar daddies/mommas

    Holly – thanks. How is that work progressing? Getting in ANY painting time?

    Shayna – thanks. You should come to the water class. Shivering is a great way to burn calories!

    • lesliepaints says:

      Yes.I like the dog. I like the ball, barely visible under the porch. I like that straight line of flowers that attempts to take my eye off the dog, but doesn’t quite succeed. I don’t care about the hummingbird. My imagination is running on about family and who lives here and the story behind the scene that only the viewer can make up.

  15. I’m thinking MC Sunday at 4. You should join me. ;)

  16. Preston says:

    The dog owns that porch. Really nice painting.

  17. wrjones says:

    Leslie – thanks. It is rather a poor family. They are fun to be around. They like old dogs, children, and watermelon wine.

    Shayna – nuts, just saw this. I would have gone, unless of course, it was that drill master, Erin, teaching. She hurt my body on Friday, and my mind, I think although that could have already been damaged.

    Preston – thank you. He does stand like it is his porch.

  18. It’s good to see you’re still painting, Bill. I’ll look forward to seeing what else you do with this one; it looks finished to me but maybe you’re thinking of making that hummingbird more noticeable to increase the drama.

  19. Dawn says:

    Your commentary is right on!!!

    The puppy is adorable!

  20. I’m so glad you were able to calm down after writing this. Only one problem…now I’m all a tither, damnit!
    Ever read Winston Chrchill’s essay titled “Painting As A Pastime”? It’s a great read that I first read in college (UCLA) when I was flunking out in my first semester. You should read it and then self publish your own version. I envision a Pulitzer (not to mention an hilarious read!), and will be the first to buy a copy! Can you autograph it for me, please? You are a fabulous wordsmith!!!!!!

  21. wrjones says:

    Diana – I’m still painting just not as often at the moment. Looking forward to retirement and more time to paint/rant.

    Dawn – thanks.

    David – it took a couple of bottles but I reached equilibrium. Hey – I went to UCLA for 8 years. Now my daughter goes to USC; what the hell! I will look that essay up.

  22. Barbara Pask says:

    Wonderful painting Bill, a sweet doggie and love the hollyhocks? I do agree with your views even though it probably isn’t politically correct to say so. If we are to overlook skin color and be one people we need to do away with organizations based on skin color. Grrrrr

  23. Shirley says:

    Beautiful painting…you are very talented!
    As far as the rest of it’s concerned…all I can say to that is ‘Well said’!
    Don’t think things are going to change anytime soon sadly.

  24. Your painting is really wonderful, Bill. Sorry you haven’t had time to paint but it sure seems not to have affected your vision!!
    Good comment Barbara… I wonder sometimes, why so many of us need to compartmentalize people as we do.

  25. Erin M says:

    I really must’ve damaged you Bill! I haven’t seen you in over a week. Daylight Savings Time has started, pool should be warming up. ♥ Come back…we miss you!

  26. Bill, hello??? got anything new? :)

  27. wrjones says:

    Barbara – thanks. Sadly the majority of people are too stupid to see the uselessness of racism.

    Shirley – thank you. I believe you are right – it will most likely never change.

    Marian – thanks. We do all have a tendency to put people in categories; usually them vs us.

    Erin – you hurt me over and over. I had an elbow injury that took a year to heal and you hurt it again Tuesday night.

    Rebecca – hi. I was just thinking about you. I have a couple of small paintings which should be done soon. I have not had much chance to paint lately. I will stop by soon.

  28. Lori says:

    I think the painting looks super, I like the bird not being too obvious, I clicked the painting to make it bigger and saw him right off. How large is the painting?

  29. wrjones says:

    Lori – thanks. The painting is 11″ x 14″.

  30. Those hollyhocks are so painterly and they remind me the it’s not really so long until summer. What a cute little dog!

  31. wrjones says:

    Tracy – thanks. Would you like a puppy?

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