By W. R. Jones

Economic times being what they are, I had to sell a part of a painting.    A serious collector and long time admirer of mine (oh, ok, it is mom), said she would have purchased the painting but really only liked the top horse.

Being the consummate art dealer that I am, I immediately used a razor blade to cut out the horse and seal the deal before she could put that paltry Social Security check away.

I used some Elmer’s glue to affix a piece of canvas in the hole and repainted the background.   I’ll stop by the first of the month when the next SS check comes and unload the rest of this turkey.

Say, did you ever get the feeling your mind has jumped the tracks?   Ya, me too.

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19 Responses to Piecemeal

  1. kaylyn says:

    You are officially cracking me up!

    These are nice paintings! I have a lifelong love of rugged landscapes and horses. How much for the excised horse?

  2. Well… whatever you did was right for this piece. I like both, but the new improved version seems more interesting and balanced.

    Your little story reminds me of that tale of a collector who visited an artist’s studio. I can’t recall right now who the artist was (although I think I used to know this!).

    Any way, the story goes that the collector saw a large painting of apples he liked, but remarked that he could not afford it. The wife asked what he could afford and he gave her a much smaller amount. So the wife took a knife and cut out one apple and said if that was all he could afford, she would sell him that.

  3. duckdonald says:

    I so miss the west….you still didn’t let me know how much or if those paintings I asked about are for sale!!???

  4. wrjones says:

    Leslie – I’m totally serious :-)

    Kaylyn – I took mom for everything she had for that horse.

    Diana – I wanted two horses in the painting but didn’t want to work out the perspective. So being the clever fellow I am, I thought I would stack them so they would be the same size. This is a clear example of how being lazy can lead to more work.

    DD – are you talking about the lake painting? That is for sale $250. Paintings? Was there another you were interested in?

  5. Although I have tried and tried, I cannot paint a horse if my life depended on it. They always end up looking like a large dog or small, misformed bear. So congratulations to you on the wonderful horse and landscape.

  6. Sam says:

    You do whatever you can. One piece at a time.

  7. hillary says:

    toooooo funny

  8. Carol King says:

    That other horse heard some of your “stories” and went galloping off into the sunset.

  9. rahinaqh says:

    yep, Carol has worked out the truth and i am backing her and adding to it… the grey horse galloped off because the other one was so upset he had got them to a dry water hole. the speed of the grey horse was such that it blew the tops off the mountains and changed the clouds in the sky. the end.

  10. wrjones says:

    Connie – I have a hard time with horses too. I have to measure, measure, measure. I have a book that I practice drawing from but still my horses look like large rabbits if I don’t measure every damn mark.

    Sam – thanks for the Zen encouragement.

    Hillary – here is the proper way to phrase what you are trying to say: “tooooooo funny but fabulous painting!”

    Carol and Rahina, does that “stories” indicate you think I may be economical with the truth (as Rahina puts it)? Rahina – try not to cry now; the gray horse is dog food.

  11. Pegi Sue says:

    I love these paintings!! And your HUMOR!!!!:)

    I’ve started some oils…finally. Got one done, my very first OIL, now I’m startin’ #2. I have found that I absolutly love oils!!!!:)

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!:)

  12. I think Mother Nature’s mind has jumped the tracks! (Recall, I’m up to my eye-balls in snow here, oh you of the flowered shirts.)

    Tell your mom she’s got good taste. So, where you unloading the spare horse?

    Terrific painting(s), Bill, avec and sans upper horse. Do you think Mother Nature heard that wisecrack of mine? (Sorry, mama, please no more snow!)

  13. wrjones says:

    Pegi Sue – great, try not to get paint on your spouse’s clothes like I do.

    Aletha – move south you big dummy.

  14. Bill, we used to BE south! Old man winter moved here! But I don’t care what that groundhog said, crocuses know. (Though I have seen some robins, puffed up as pathetic as can be, chastizing each other: “okay, who’s the genius who said ‘time to fly north?'”)

    (Hmm, but now Boston and NYC are getting it.)

  15. Did you ride off on that horse? Time for another painting! (The fans are getting restless.)

  16. wrjones says:

    I can remember in Iowa awaiting the first Robin to return in the spring. Don’t know why; we didn’t celebrate by eating them.

    I did fall off that painting horse. Too much work. I’m looking for a sugar mama to tell me to stop working, she will support my painting habit (in style – plein air painting out the window of 5 star hotels).

  17. Faye Taylor says:

    Unbelievable! I would have never thought of that. Mom’s are great, aren’t they?

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