Changing Signs

by wr jones

I was looking a the signs at a tiny park for children.  One said no smoking, another give a long list of dangers to beware of.   There was a well dressed man sitting on a bench facing the swings.  He had a briefcase.   I pegged him for an ambulance chaser waiting for some illiterate 4 year old to disregard the copious warnings and hurt himself.   Wala! A new client.   Clearly the city is negligent for not putting the warning  against diving off the slide head first into the concrete in a much larger font.

Just what is the cost of all these dippy ass signs?   I can remember when the aspirin or Tylenol or what ever pills were first poisoned and put back on the drug store shelf.   Before that there was no safety packaging.   Now I routinely cut myself using a sharp object in a desperate effort to get the Imodium pill out of that tight little package before I poop myself again.

So that one individual who poisoned a few pills has cost us billions of dollars in annoying packaging.   Landfills full of plastic and band aids used to stop the bleeding caused by trying to open the pill boxes; I have two summary thoughts on the subject:

  1. If the media was not so hell bent on spreading the word about every aberration, no one, or at least very few others would have thought to poison medicine and put it back on the shelfs to injure random people.
  2. If we could have a firm number on the cost of the safety packaging vs the few lives that would be lost without it, we might elect to accept the loss.

I’m at my desk just until I have to go again.  I’m using industrial steam powered scissors to free up some Imodium tablets.   I like my pills free range.

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26 Responses to Changing Signs

  1. rahinaqh says:

    hey Bill, ok i understand illiterate 4 year olds hurting themselves but what is your excuse with those pills? …though i must admit i can’t push hard enough on the lid of some of those push and turn ones. on second thoughts where did you buy the industrial scissors, i’m interested…
    and your new painting: again that wonderful handling of folliage in the trees and the softness of the grasses! lovely!

  2. Samartdog says:

    For once, Bill, I have no smartass comment, only a heartfelt compliment about this painting. Wonderful color and depth; nice job!

  3. I agree with Samartdog….. The painting is great…. Love the grasses …. The front creates a feeling of grace … – the skeleton ready to do a ballet for the trees in the background.

  4. lesliepaints says:

    Hi Bill. I had to go in search of another painting you did to properly comment. You know the painting, “where there is smoke look for an idiot”? Well this painting reminded me of that one. I really like this painting. That dark dead trunk angling outward is a really cool touch to separate this from a nice dead tree painting to an interesting country scene.

  5. That is one excellent painting!

  6. The painting is lovely! I never really thought about the guys in suits that hang out in parks. I think I would be leaning towards a mafia member then a lawyer. :)

  7. wrjones says:

    Hey Rahina, thanks. I would give you a link to the scissors but I’m afraid you would run with them and hurt yourself.

    Samartdog – thank you.

    Marian – thank you. I’ve been looking at your plein air work and getting inspired.

    Leslie – thanks. No I don’t remember that painting. Thanks for pointing out my total lack of memory. I will search for it.

    Connie – thank you.

    Erika – thanks. Oh nuts, I didn’t think of that. Maybe I should not have called him a scheming, cheating, bastard.

  8. How much did you say this was? I think it is priceless. Absolutely fine art!

    No smartass remarks from me either. Although you do have a point about about packaging. Do you think there is concerted effort to maim and kill older people off by creating such obstacles? Sometime I wonder.

  9. Bill, you may have a point. I think we can completely blame them for the breakdown of society and the supposed hole in the ozone layer. Who can we sue for this?

  10. Pegi Sue says:

    I remember those Tylenols being poisoned!! They play that story all the time on “Snapped”…not that I watch it for the stories, just to learn how these idiots get caught!!! I’m taking notes!!!LOL

    BTW, I’m good, just taking a little break…I’m going to start painting with oils REAL SOON!!!!! I hope it’s as fun as I’m thinking….I’ll probably just get a buzz from the fumes!!!:)

  11. Bonnie Luria says:

    You have a unanimous vote on the painting Bill because I’m adding mine to the previous ones.
    I had to double click to see if it was a photo. It’s that believable.
    Uber packaging is good for one thing only: The plastics industry.
    Wonder if they package nitroglycerin pills the same way, because by the time you wrassle with the package, U B Dead.
    It’s tamper proof, child proof, adult proof and undoubtedly ingestion proof.
    If that Immodium wrapper is still providing your with challenges, I can recommend corks. They’re much easier to get to.

  12. Hiya Bill. I really like how you captured the twists and turns of those trunks! Holly

  13. wrjones says:

    Cathyann – thanks. Yes I think everyone is trying to kill this old man.

    Rebecca – let’s do a search for a class action bulldog attorney (but class action only for you and I) we don’t want to split the 500 million with a bunch of old fogies who are going do die soon anyway without their meds.

    Pegi Sue – Glad to hear you are alright. Oil paint smells good so there is always an upside to another bad painting, but you will produce some fabulous work no doubt.

    Bonnie – thanks. Excellent observation on the nitro pills. I will be on the look out for those Drs trying to give them to me for a little old chest pain.

    Holly – thanks. How is work going? I don’t want to work anymore. Luckily, Rebecca and I will soon be wealthy with our joint lawsuit. Wish I could let you in on it but so far we are only looking at 250 million each. Still, Becca may be willing to split her share with you.

  14. Oh BIll!
    You’ve done it again.
    That’s a perfect dead tree painting,by the way. That was the subject, n’est pas. It’s the one out front. The leafy one is just window dressing? Backdrop?
    Kidding aside, that’s one beautiful painting. Kudos.

  15. A. Decker says:

    Yes, I like the painting, too, and have long thought that all the hype in recent years over “safety” was mostly…some kind of scam, b.s., you know.

  16. wrjones says:

    K – thanks. Is it a bit chilly in your area?

  17. Pegi Sue says:

    Awwww, Bill, THANK YOU!!!!!! I do have to admit that every tube I’ve gotten so far, I’ve opened and smelled it!!!!LOL
    It smells like ART!!! And the buzz afterwards is GREAT!!!LOL

  18. That tree looks like its dancing with the others.

  19. Carol King says:

    Free range pills! You crack me up.

    You have a way with trees, grasses and foliage. This is a beautiful painting.

  20. wrjones says:

    Pegi Sue, I love the smell of linseed oil and of oil primed linen. We should have a party.

    Aletha, it is dancing, the limbo.

    Carol, thanks.

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  22. wrjones says:

    Leslie – thanks so much for the link from your post. I really appreciate it and value it.

  23. Snowman says:

    I agree. I was Googling ‘imodium irritating packaging’ to see whether anyone else on the planet shared my views.

    I now cut all the tablets out of the packaging and place them in a small container for future use.

    This is the most stupid packaging on any tablet that I have ever come across.

  24. wrjones says:

    Snowman – I just took some this week and was sooo annoyed about how tightly they put that little pill in a package. I was using scissors and still had a hassle.

  25. Jala Pfaff says:

    Hi Bill! I like this painting a lot.
    I remember too how there was no “saftey packaging” on pill bottles and everything…Amazing, isn’t it?, what one f—ed up person does to an entire society.

  26. wrjones says:

    Jala – thanks. Yep, one screwball intensely promoted by the unrelenting, unselective media can cost billions of dollars. And, fill large landfills with more packaging plastic. Probably more people have/will die from the safety packages than would have from poison had this incident not made the TV. Not that many people would have thought to poison stuff and put it back on the shelf. Most just kill someone they know.

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