Uneventful day.  Drove to grocery store.  On the way I was listening to satellite radio remembering the days of my youth when we had first only AM then AM/FM for car radios.   In those days as you travelled anywhere you would lose one station and pickup another.  It required constant twiddling on the dial  to find something worth listing to.  

Usually you could only get very local broadcasts so each new town meant a new radio station.   However, sometimes, especially at night, you could pick up a powerful broadcast from Texas (which probably had the transmitter in Mexico to sidestep power restrictions).   This station was big on education apparently.   “Get your high school diploma.  Send to H I G H   S C H O O L ….”   So I did.   I thought it was real nice of them to spell out the diploma I was getting.

I had a quasi religious experience at the grocery store.   The devil spoke to me.  He first suggested, then cajoled, then demanded I buy that package of powdered donuts.   I stood firm in my beliefs, my world view, saying, “Devil, get thee behind me.  Uh, but first could you warm up some coffee for me to have with these donuts?”

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16 Responses to Donuts

  1. Barbara Pask says:

    A sweet old house, very nice painting Bill. You know how I love paintings of old houses, I must because I keep painting them.

  2. rahinaqh says:

    well Bill you have out done yourself: wonderful perspective and atmosphere in this work of art. as for your alliance with the devil i do believe you two are in cahoots with each other, not sure which one is leading the other astray:)) r.

  3. I was thinking about car radio lately too. Back when I was in high school we had a couple of good top 40 stations in OKC that we switched between. At night, one could occasionally get a Chicago station, call letters included e,z.

    Now (over 40 years later) when I’m in the car, even though there are many stations on am and fm from which to choose, there’s rarely anything enjoyable to listen to. Amazingly, we have a CD player in our newer vehicle which provides good music choices. The CDs take up a lot less space than 8-tracks.

  4. lesliepaints says:

    I love this from the car to the red steps to the second story side windows and the tree limbs that hug it front and back. Donuts? I made donuts from scratch for Meijer on overnights for six years and people like you are the reason they sold so well. During those years, I’d buy one and a cup of coffee after I got off work. I’m heavier now than I was then and I’ll bet it has been three years since I ate one. lol

  5. Hi Bill…

    When I read your title I was thinking it was going to be another rant on your work food service… Kind of like the muffin one… although probably the donut types would be harder to disguise….

    Since it wasn’t, I got to enjoy your painting more. It’s such a complex painting but you’ve pulled it off beautifully…. Is it a stranger’s house or someplace you know well???

    People are funny when you paint in front of their houses don’t they??

  6. wrjones says:

    Barbara – thanks. I have found that I like painting these old houses. Don’t know why.

    Rahina – Thank you. The devil and I have spent some time together.

    Leslie – Thanks. A donut maker; an admirable skill in my mind. Did you ever make fritters (deep fried bread dough)?

    Marian – Rant? Me? You have me confused with some other blog. I’ve had pretty good luck painting in front of people’s houses. I suppose now that I have said that the next house owner will turn loose his Irish wolfhound on me.

    • lesliepaints says:

      We made apple fritters but not with bread dough. They were the best seller, however, especially fall and winter. We would make them from the remainder of the yeast donut dough and put apple chunks and cinnamin in them. The dough was similar to bread dough, but had more yeast in it. (I also made bread the last two years I worked the bakery).

  7. The house in your painting almost looks like the one Anna and I live in. By the way, looks like you have a little powder on your face…

  8. Irene Rencsi says:

    Lovely painting Bill :) The tab on my computer says “Donuts – On Painting” .. and yes I’m finding that amusing. I wish I’d have read this before my trip to the grocery store today so I could have bought some. I don’t even want to eat them…I’d just like to hear what they have to say about painting. :)

  9. wrjones says:

    Diana – just found your comment in SPAM. I don’t get what the software thought was spammy about it. There was not a single mention of Viagra. And if you get a CD player that plays MP3 format you can get a lot of songs on one CD. We listen to satellite radio now. You probably need a weather channel for tornadoes.

    Leslie – try plain fritters. Sooooo good.

    Preston – It does have the look of the middle of the country. Makes me think of Iowa. I’ve wiped the white powder off now.

    Irene – thanks. I didn’t listen to the donuts. I ate them before they had a chance to speak. Let me know if they give any good painting tips.

  10. Fabulous real estate above, Bill. And like a good agent, you even include donuts!

  11. Wonderful painting. There is something about landscapes with houses that I love. I suppose it might be the straight lines juxtaposed with the organic. Forget any kind of donuts other than Krispy Kream. (Think I got the spelling wrong.) I don’t know if they are in California, but they are the best. Nothing like warm fat and sugar!

  12. wrjones says:

    Aletha – Thanks. Ya, come on in to the open house. All the donuts you can find.

    Connie – Thanks. You are right about the warm fat and sugar. And I remember enjoying it as a teenager with a coffee and a cigarette and being blissfully unaware.

  13. That’s a mystery why my comment wound up in spam. I wondered what happened to it because it wasn’t there when I posted.

    As for tornadoes, I’m not in Oklahoma any more, although we do have weather up here in north Idaho.

  14. Carol King says:

    donuts and coffee???? are you sure you aren’t really a cop?

    Love the house and the car. And the red steps. I think I hear a dog barking in the backyard.

  15. wrjones says:

    Diana – Did you see it as a comment and then it went to spam or you never saw it posted as a comment?

    I took a 10 day workshop with Scott Christensen in Driggs Idaho – anywhere near you? Snowed in Sept. Lovely area but I was surprise at how expensive the real estate was. And living in Southern California it takes a lot of expense to surprise me.

    Carol – probably a big German Shepard.

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