Repeating Myself

By WR Jones

Head Study 12

I was walking with a friend last week when I launched into one of my most interesting stories.   I was totally flummoxed when she stopped me saying she had already heard this story…. 3 times.   What’s more she had been kind in the past not telling me she had already heard ALL of my stories.   She was getting, no – make that was already bored stiff and was looking for a new walking partner.

Jesus H. Christ, when did this start?   How long have I been repeating myself?  I’m so embarassed.   I need a new walking partner so I can tell my stories with out risk (for awhile anyways).

I’m going to start plagarizing life stories.   I’m surfing the net to get background material on fighter pilots and bull riders.   I was looking up doctor stuff but those words are so hard to pronounce it might seem as if I’m lying or, heaven forbid, plagarizing.

If you have any interesting life stories I might use – send them to “”.   I will pay if I must.   I will send you a link to where I have put my life savings into E-Gold.  They tell me I’m making 135%/yr on my investment.   Really, I’m an investment genius, I shouldn’t need stories to impress a woman.

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15 Responses to Repeating Myself

  1. Can’t wait to hear all the new stories, although I love all the “old” ones, too. A good story gets better the more often it is told. By the way, I love those shipwreck/survivor stories which I read in the comfort of my home, on a cushy sofa with afghan, and a bon bon or two.

  2. Lori says:

    Well, you can always Google fill in the blank story and get something like this:

    I hope you aren’t going to turn into one of those people who pretend they are a doctor and have all these impossible hospital stories. My mother dated a man like that once. Maybe I’ll tell you that story some day. :oD

  3. swatch says:

    What is the sketch drawn on? I like what you have done.

    Stories are only part of it. I read a complaint in an agony aunt column where this guy had done all this interesting stuff, like mountain climbing and scuba diving – just be an interesting guy. And then this girl he was trying to chat up said to him “you are just a boring guy who has done interesting stuff”.

  4. rahinaqh says:

    Always get me laughing with your rants! actually my mum does that… tell the same stories over and over… she’s 71…
    love the painting, the minimalistic approach which works beautifully, brain fills in rest. r.

  5. Carol King says:

    My friend Jim and I (who I’ve known since the 70’s) now find ourselves telling the same stories over and over. And we always find them funny cause we are starting to forget the first 50 times we heard them!

  6. wrjones says:

    Connie – get the bon bons out, I will be right over with a story.

    Lori – I would NEVER pretend I’m a doctor. Huh-uh, not me. No sir, it would not cross my mind to be other than completely forthright. Now stop staring at my stethoscope and take off all your clothes. We will have a little looksee at that spinter in your finger.

    Swatch – that was a scribble on a cruise ship daily agenda sheet. So there are 4 possiblities: BB, BI, IB, II

    Boring guy, boring life; boring guy, interesting life; interesting guy, boring life; interesting guy, interesting life. I’m a BB type. I have the personality of a walnut shell and lead the life of an active 75 year old. This, let me assure you, will not make you a hit with the ladies.

    Rahina – ask your mom to send me some of her stories; she must have them very well polished by now.

    Carol, carol, carol – you want to go for a walk?

  7. Anna Surface says:

    LOL Well, when one gets older, one has the right to repeat a story over and over. And also, one who is seasoned, well-Kentucky-fried, around the bend, going down hill, crossing bridges older (I am thinking about myself and my mumbling of repeated stories as I get older), one could also add new info to the stories, a twist or two, and a hang-hung ending. One can, when one gets older, because it doesn’t matter. Pete-repeat-?Pete? LOL I really like that email address. Can I have it? LOL

  8. InkSplodge! says:

    So it’s not just me then?

    You’re one funny guy…and you don’t need me to tell you that you’ve done some wonderful, inspirational art work – I’ve been perusing and enjoying – wow!

  9. New walking partner! I’m shocked. I’m shocked. Really shocked. (Did I say that already?)

    Okay, so it’s like Cezanne should stop painting apples and old vases? Duh. Been there, done that. Another Mont Ste Victoire, Paul? Pleezee.

    Bill, you should have famously smacked her. (Unless she’s bigger than you.) You’re a genius. You should have told her THAT. (Unless, you already did — maybe two or three times already.)

    Wonderful sketch. Do it again. Il faut refaire la meme chose dix fois, cent fois. That’s what Degas said (in French, too). “You must redo the same thing, ten times, a hundred times.” It’s art. It’s genius.

    Redo it! Retell it! And let the world watch out!


  10. You’re cute enough, especially with your cowboy hat, that you shouldn’t need to tell stories. Also, women like it better when you listen to theirs.

  11. wrjones says:

    Anna – You can have the email address. I’m definitely old enough to repeat stories and seem to be doing so to the full extent tolerable.

    Aletha – I may have mentioned that genius bit a time or two already. I love it when you talk French to me. No idea what it means but it sounds so romantic.

    Susan – I suppose you are just too young but it would have been nice if you had given me that advice 40 years ago. Might have saved me a reputation of being a colossal bore. If only I could keep my mouth shut I’m sure I would be a lot more interesting.

    Inksplodge – thanks. For some reason your comment was held for approval. Don’t know why, you can say anything you like here.

  12. Ah, je t’aime, Bill. Je t’aime! AK

  13. wrjones says:

    Aletha – I like that! I think this means I can be expecting a Christmas present? No, not now, I know I have to wait for Christmas. In spite of what mom said, I’m not a compleeee-te idiot.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Come on over, Bill, I need a new walking partner and one with some good stories to tell will make the 3 mile trek even better! I think it’s wise to never tell friends you’ve heard their stories before – couldn’t she just smile and continue walking, counting or singing in her head so she wasn’t really listening? BTW, love the looseness and the freedom in this sketch.

  15. wrjones says:

    Rhonda – I’m on my way. Better practice singing in your head.

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