Hire The Handicapped?

By W R Jones

Yellow Tree

    Ok, I’m in favor of hiring the handicapped when they can do the job with the same efficiency as a non handicapped person.   There are thousands of such opportunities.   But, but, for Christ’s sake, put them in appropriate positions.

    The other day I went to WalMart to get a set of keys made.    The greeter welcomed me.  I stopped to asked where I might get a key made.   He had one eye looking in one direction and the other eye independently surveying the ceiling I guess.  Neither eye looked at me and his head bobbed on his shoulders like a Chevy dashboard doggie.    When I asked where I could get a key made the fun began.   He had a stammer and a stutter.   Using both these tools, “It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, ……ov, ov, ov, ov,…..over th, th,th,th,th,…,there.   He indicated the location  with a arm so spastic it pointed at the entire floor, ceiling, parking lot, and store.   Uh, ok, thanks.

    I wandered the store until I found where the keys are made.   Now they have an obese moron running this department.   He is with a customer and his entire wit is absorbed by typing into a handheld device with a stylus.   What the hell.  He is standing next to two computers with full sized keyboards.  Can’t he enter the order there?

    The biggest handicap of all is the lack of common sense that pervades the entire world.  It may be time to cull the population of the entire earth.

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23 Responses to Hire The Handicapped?

  1. Rhonda says:

    Bill, I did hire the handicapped – my brother :( Which is why I’m still slowly painting the rest of my house myself! ha ha
    The common sense and a good work ethic – where did those go?

  2. Lori says:

    Well, its all your fault. He is a greeter not a direction giver. I hoped you gave him a tip for sending you into the store where somewhere you can make keys.

    Our Walmarts seem to be doing better, they are hiring the aged who so far seem to know everything! They may be 80 plus but they know where stuff is.

    Lovely painting as usual, it looks like a nice cool day.

  3. Nava says:

    It is so heartwarming to come back and find that you’ve stayed the same compassionate philanthrope.

    Nice painting – reminds me of the cork trees at the Alentejo region in Portugal.

  4. Seems so wrong but man, you crack me up. We all have a forest of thoughts as in your picture and to actually express them, as in the bright tree… True talent to do so in such a manner.

  5. wrjones says:

    Rhonda – Sometimes, however rare, you have to do the job yourself. Now, me, I’d rather have the job done wrong than do it myself. Sit your bother down, give him a beer and have him watch you to see how it should be done the next time it needs painting. Pay him handsomely. Then the house is painted, your brother has some pocket money, you got some exercise and can feel good about yourself.

    Lori – Handicapped or aged or younged or whatever, I think a store should hire people that are of use. That person will get more out of the job if they are accomplishing something. This particular man could have bagged groceries, stocked shelves, worked in the garden area, etc., he was not a good greeter.

    Nava – I really like how you see the good in me, so few (well, actually none) others do.

    Preston – I thought the incident was sort of humorous not the individual. I’m not malicious but I’m always ready to point out foibles, mine or anyone else.

  6. Carol King says:

    You are one sensitive mutha!

    Nice painting. I like your foliage.

  7. wrjones says:

    Carol – you are right. I’m too sensitive. Always been that way. I cry at the chick flicks. Always give my used candy wrappers to the needy children. I can’t help myself – I hold my fellow man in warm regards at all times. It is a burden on my heart, but one I’m willing to bear.

  8. Bonnie Luria says:

    After Korea’s underground nuke tests, we might want to WHISPER thoughts about culling the entire population. If only we get to choose which individuals, no?

    Now as I see it, handicapped is unavoidable, obesity not so much.

    Nava made me laugh too, but I think she meant misanthrope, not philanthrope. But how could I know what Nave thinks when I barely know what I think.

    And it’s wrong- we shouldn’t laugh at this…..yet…………I get it.

    Some wonderful, thick brush work on this piece.

  9. Susie says:

    I thought most of us learned not to poke fun at the disabled many years ago….I know your post was supposed to be in fun, but not funny if you are caring for a disabled child & their pride comes from their job. Your post was very painful for me to read & not funny at all. Thankfully with my son we have had very few people making fun of him and many people with big hearts.

  10. wrjones says:

    Bonnie – You are right. I will probably be one of the first culled.

    Susie – 1. Truely sorry if you have to deal with the extra burden of a disabled child.
    2. I was not “poking” fun at the individual but the use of the individual or the situation.
    3. I did not find the situation amusing but annoying.

    As sensitized as you must be, I imagine if everytime you wanted to do something you were inconvienced by a handicapped individual, you would at one time or another drop your warm, caring, nuturing attitude and get annoyed.

    This man will never read this post and so is totally unaffected by it. Taking pride in something you do poorly is ridiculous. He needs work he can do well (and I’m certain there is work like that for him) for a sense of accomplishment.

    Supposed every newscaster stuttered. How long would you listen before saying what the hell? Why don’t they hire a good speaker. Search your heart now, would you really think, “oh, how wonderful, they gave that poor fellow a job.”

    You are going to die, your handicapped child is going to die and be forgotten. So don’t take everything so seriously and tiptoe around all the problems of the world. Love you child/children as you do and teach them not to take themselves or anyone else so seriously they can only find humor in “Walt Disney” situations. Are only “whole” people allowed to be discussed? You might not believe this but they have feelings as well. Ah, to hell with ’em.

    And lastly count your blessings, there are many who have lost children completely. Now that is real pain and really not funny.

    Not quite lastly – I looked at your blog and you have some very beautiful flowers. Could I come paint in your garden? Promise to keep my mouth shut.

  11. Pegi Sue says:

    I don’t want to offend anyone, but I can say…I have seen you laugh at yourself enough to know that you have a very wonderful sense of humor. It’s a bit warped, like my own.
    To those that are offended by the post, you must look at life and just laugh sometimes. Actually, most of the time. It does not mean you are laughing at someone with problems, you CAN laugh at a situation tho. You just need to laugh. It makes life much more easier to deal with. And I truly appreciate getting to come to this blog and laughing daily!!!!:)
    Now, let’s all hug!!

  12. Hi Bill,
    I am attempting to subscribe via RSS Reader, Google Friend Connector or email inbox to painter blogs that I enjoy following. I prefer RSS Reader but do not understand how to do this on your blog. I did find a RSS button at the bottom of the page but it gives a page of HTML and I don’t find a subscribe button. If you could find it in your enormously caring heart to forgive my incompetence and give help, I would be forever grateful.

    Thanks so much,
    William R. Moore

  13. Rebecca says:

    Did I not respond? I am shocked at my own lack of response. I think I am a little slow.

    anyway, I think Eric is really bad at cleaning and doing laundry just so I will get disgusted and do it right!

    He recently mentioned that I mow the lawn WAY better than him!

    “My name is Rebecca!”

  14. Human intelligence is highly over-rated. Actually dolphins are a lot smarter than humans. Unfortunately, they got the brains, and we got the opposable thumbs.

    Mother Nature. Go figure.

  15. Susie says:

    We laugh at & with our son all the time. My sense of humour is quite in tact, thank you. Speaking of tact, I think that is what you were lacking. From now on I’ll stick with Lisa’s posts. Tolerance, tolerance, tolerance is what I’m talking about.

  16. Bill, sounds like you were having a good ole time over that at Walmart. maybe your time is better spent painting your beautiful paintings! I like yellows in this one, and the softness of the clouds. Holly

  17. Rebecca says:

    Geesus…The story is ALWAYS half of the reason I come here. LMAO (respectfully)

  18. wrjones says:

    Aletha – I sort of like my thumbs; very useful in picking up my dropped M&Ms.

    Holly – thanks. I like WalMart; it is only a hop, skip, and stumble away from my single wide. That way I don’t have to start up the pickup and risk ANOTHER DUI traversing that one block past the school. I always like a long neck or two to liven up my WalMart visits.

    Rebecca – that was a good one. Now I’m LMAO (respectfully)

  19. Thumbs are good, Bill, as long as one is not all thumbs. Obviously you are not all thumbs, rather you wield one wicked paint brush! ak

  20. Jala Pfaff says:

    Bill, perhaps YOU should apply for the job? I can only picture how welcome you would make everyone feel as you greeted them… ;)

  21. wrjones says:

    Aletha – thanks.

    Jala – I’m a natural for the job with my warm caring personality. “Hey, shithooks, welcome to walmart. Very nice dingy grey wife beater you got on. I expect you are looking for the faux leather chair to smoke that crack pipe on. Back of the store.”

  22. Let me know which Walmart you’re gonna work for.

    I’m there.

  23. wrjones says:

    William – I added the capability to subscribe, thanks for the prompting.

    Aletha – why don’t we go to a Walmart shopping together? Let me get into my dingy grey wife beater, comb out my mullet, and put on my flip flops with the duct tape toe loops.

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