The Seasoned Traveler

by Lisa

I will be leaving for China on Tuesday. The thought of sitting on that airplane for that long is giving me major anxiety. It’s enough to give me major anxiety. I have a pharmacy packed that is guaranteed to bring out a DEA squad. I don’t intend to take everything, I just want to be prepared for anything that arises. In fact, it’s not JUST for me. By the time that flight is over, I will be treating everyone around me, and they will refer to me as Dr. Towers. “Here’s some cough syrup with codeine and Fenergen so you will not only stop that annoying cough sir, but you will sleep the rest of the way. Don’t worry, you can save your life story for your return trip.”  “I have Ambien for your crying baby Ma’am. No, I insist.”  “How about a little Immodium for that son of yours? He sures seems to be going to the potty a lot. Stomach cramps? How about some Vicodin for the little guy?”

Okay, aside from my pharmacy, I have my blankey and pillow, my knitting, my writing, my book, my Ipod with the Kelly Clarkson CD, and a book on “tape”. I will have my trail mix, my standard everything-bagel with salami and cheese (I think I can only stomach one airplane meal on that day long flight), an apple and dried fruit. I will have a change of clothes and a ballcap for when my hair has just given up for the day. Oh, and I  have a bunch of anti-bacterial wipes since airplanes are veritable hotbeds of festering viruses.

My main goal now is not to get sick before I go. That accounts for why I am wearing a face mask and rubber gloves everywhere I go.

Wish me luck. I will be bringing home lots of pictures to share. IF I survive the trip.

Bon voyage!!!

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8 Responses to The Seasoned Traveler

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Sounds exciting – good luck with the long plane ride.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Safe journey, Lisa! You sound so much like me – but I hoard my goodies, instead of passing them around! Next time I take a long trip (I refuse to be in a plane longer than 3-4 hours, max), I’ll remember to take enough to medicate everyone nicely.

  3. Have a WONDERFUL time…. Will you be painting/drawing??? Or “just” traveling?? Whatever you do enjoy each place you go and every person you meet!!!

    If you go plein air painting (your favorite thing… find us an interesting new bug/creature to describe… Hopefully it won’t attack you as you paint.

    I’m very jealous and look forward to many future blogs describing your adventures.

  4. wrjones says:

    I dare you to read this before you fly, Lisa. Last week I flew to Ssn Jose as a normal business trip which I often make. On Thursday, when I was to fly back I talked to a fellow employee in Sylmar. The weather was mentioned which included the info that the winds were the worst this employee had ever remembered. Well I have to fly into this so thank you very much for the relaxing information. I at one time was an anxious flyer but over the years as my brain deteriorated I relaxed to the point I could fall asleep on takeoff. So, I took the wind advisory in stride.

    On the flight I was seated next to a beautiful young woman who was the adventuresome type enjoying sky diving, bungee jumping, etc. In short someone I could not relate to whatsoever.

    As we approached our destination, Burbank, and started down, the plane bounced around violently. Ok, as long as you are high enough up. But as you get closer and closer to the ground it gets nerve wracking. She and I looked at each other and asked, “why are we trying to land in this? Why don’t we fly back or to another airport? I don’t mind, I will walk home.”

    As we get very close to the ground the plane is still bouncing wildly. And finally almost over the runway the plane flips on its side and looks like the wing will hit the ground or the buildings we appear to be drifting into.

    I was absolutely certain at that moment that it was the end and we were seconds away from a crash. The the plane flipped back flat and we were on the ground. The young woman looked at me and asked if I were allright. She said something to the effect that was the adrenaline rush she liked.

    After the plane stopped, the flight attendant made a statement, “how about those pilots?” You would normally expect applause, dead silence. Everyone know how close we had been and was stunned.

    I was shaking so bad I had trouble getting my bag out of the overhead compartment.

    So, Lisa, enjoy your flight. Myself, don’t know how I’m going to do that again. Save some of those drugs PLEASE.

  5. Sounds great… enjoy :)

  6. lbtowers says:

    Bill, thank you for sharing. I love you too.

    Disturbed Stranger??? Are you referring to Bills comment above, or to my post and my impending trip?

  7. Jala Pfaff says:

    You sound very prepared. Bon voyage!

    Last time I flew I tried to take a little container of hummus and some crackers. There was this huge debate upon going through security–“Is it a solid? Is it a liquid?” (No, it’s Superman!). I showed them I was willing to eat it, so they could see it wasn’t a bomb or whatever. They did NOT let me bring it through. Those f—ers; excuse my French.

  8. That was quite a story about the windy landing. Should have really boosted your confidence about that Lonnnnnnng oversea flight. One time, after we went through Security and Xray, as the TSA were confiscating my hubby’s after shave, I looked down and saw a lighter in my mother’s purse pocket. They never noticed it, much to her pleasure, as she wanted to light up as soon as we landed in Mexico!
    Looking forward to reading about the adventures in China.

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