If I Were King – On The Economy

By (we are talking KING here, it has got to be)  WR Jones


     Ok, the economy is a mess.   I have the solution:

      First, legalize drugs.  We are spending a fortune fighting a battle that, obvious to the most casual observer, is not one that can be won.   We have to pay for all those law enforcement people then we have to pay to keep the people they catch in prison.   Then we have to pay for parole officers which is a complete waste since the vast majority of parolees commit more crimes which we pay for.  Then we pay to prosecute the same people again and return to supporting them in prison some more.

     The drug cartels are so powerful from the enormous UNTAXED profits they corrupt entire countries.

     Let us face this simple fact – loadies are loadies and a certain proportion of every society is loady material that we can make money from.   Just as some dummies like to throw away their money gambling,  other dummies like to take drugs.   And since I do drink alcohol, I is one of those dummies.

    I can’t understand the reasoning that permits alcohol to be legal but cocaine illegal.   Either can be abused to the point of death of the taker or someone they might kill while under the influence.  Yet there is no clamor to make alcohol illegal again.   I would guess that if all drugs were legal most people could take them without abusing them.   And if they do like them a little too much, great, more tax dollars.

    Let us legalize all drugs, drop the price so low the drug cartels have to invest their billions in something else.  We tax the bejesus out of the drugs sold to discourage use (but not too strongly).   We see an immediate decrease in some crimes since the loadies can afford their habits.   We save in not having our stuff stolen, not having such a large police force, not spending so much on prosecution, not having parole officers whatsoever, having smaller prisons and prison staffs.

    Let us spend research dollars on drugs that give you whatever buzz you want without being addictive.

     OK, my first leg of this idea is complete.   Now for the second leg of this, well, with just the two legs I guess it would be a milking stool –

         We give the drugs free to all first and second graders.   Hold er there, Newt, before you start stoning me; this is our new tax base we are building here.   We wean out the loadies from school early on so they can have a longer time buying TAXABLE drugs that are pure as mother’s milk.   Another savings is we now need fewer teachers.  


    I would like to stay and chat but got to work on my acceptance speech for the Nobel prize for economics.

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9 Responses to If I Were King – On The Economy

  1. Davis says:

    I can agree with marijuana but probably not the harder stuff

  2. Carol King says:

    All that yapping about drugs and NOT ONE WORD about the lovely drawing you posted. Has too much drug use rotted your memory? Can you tell us a bit about the wistful drawing and who the kid is between tokes of your blunt? Can you stop doing the blotter acid for a short time to tell us HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE THE TIME TO DO ALL THESE DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS AND ALLEGEDLY HAVE A FULL TIME JOB, A WIFE, DAUGHTER AND DOG.

    Just wondering. Please excuse me while I go back to my cocktail.

  3. Erika says:

    I’m glad to see you haven’t offended too many people….yet

  4. Nava says:

    …and once you get that Nobel prize, w’all can say “we knew him when”.

    This drawing is wonderful. Are you sure you want to make this kid with wistful eyes a loadie?

    Oh, please do let us know when the stoning at town square begins. Thank you.

  5. If I were King,I would appoint you as Supreme Justice to the Court of Common Sense. You make a very good point.

  6. wrjones says:

    Davis – You don’t think alcohol is a “hard” drug? And anyway what difference does it make. You don’t want to make them legal but people take them anyway. And they steal and rob to get the money which then goes to corrupt officials everywhere.

    Carol – I ignore the wife, daughter, work, and dog. The drawing is the son of a co-worker who just got layed off. Maybe she can sell it?

    Erika – give me time.

    Nava – dogone it, you seem eager to throw rocks. Under my system as king a loving parent could opt out his/her child from the free school drug program for a small fee.

    Preston – I really don’t understand our drug policy at all. I can also remember when gambling was illegal most places. Now it is everywhere and the gambling addicts ruin their lives.

  7. Ride on, Bro!!! Could you also mandate dear King, Sir, Your Sireship, that all artists get provided, free of charge, a 24 hour AGI pencil sharpener lackey. I hate sharpening my own pencils!

    Your humble servant (and Bro, dude) forever,
    D. Lobenberg

  8. Or is it AIG?… whatever…they need to be lackeys!

  9. wrjones says:

    David – I would make all AIG management live in single wide trailor parks and drive rusted out Chevys.

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