Stupid Remark Of The Day

By W. R. Jones


     This painting has nothing to do with my bitching.   I’m doing some studies of clouds and their interface with trees and how to handle it wet into wet or after letting the painting dry (the easiest way for me).

     Here is a small quote by an artist in a magazine –  “If I paint them in jeans and T-shirt the portrait becomes dated.  If I can introduce a costume from the past, it becomes timeless.”  Huh?   So older clothes are not dated but timeless.  Well take a look in my closet, pretty much all timeless.

    This guy is too dumb to be giving advice.   Here is another fragment from the same man – “The value of all of this information to the practicing artist is that it offers a clearer view of what the great masters might have been thinking as they developed their paintings.”

    Mister, you have been looking through mud colored glasses all your life; forget about a clearer view.

   This is wiffledust in its purest form.   So you look at a painting and you can tell me what an artist was thinking?   For example, a very fast loose brush stroke could imply he had to pee.   For a particular color he could have been thinking that mountain is really not that purple but I’ve got that purple velour sofa to coordinate.   For a value – it is quite bright in that corner but that woman is ugly,  too late to get another model, OK, I just put everything in shadow.     Grass – I don’t have quite the shade of green I need here, how ’bout I make the grass a little brown and add a patch of snow.

  NOTE BENE:   Unless the painter tells you point blank what he is/was thinking, you don’t have a clue.

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14 Responses to Stupid Remark Of The Day

  1. You’re right of course. When I look at a painting I’m not worrying about what the artist was thinking – I’m more interested in my own reaction. Is that selfish?

  2. Bill, I like how the lovely darks in this painting. And I agree with your comments – you can guess what an artist was thinking but you’ll never know unless he/she tells you. Holly

  3. Jala Pfaff says:

    “Wiffledust”–ha ha, funny word.
    I totally agree. Or, a bad painting could mean the artist was hungry. A very large blue abstract painting could be that color because the painter had that one big-ass tube of paint to use up and never particularly liked that hue, so decided to blow it all in one sitting. Just hypothesizing. :)

  4. Jala Pfaff says:

    P.S. Wiffledust aside, those are great trees!

  5. Nava says:

    That is one pretentious guy if he claims he can figure out the artist’s thoughts while developing a painting. Yeah, right! Oh, and his remark about timeless clothes is indeed, well… timeless!

    So, let’s try to analyze your painting. If fast loose brush strokes indicate the need to pee, then the trees in your painting indicate you had a lot of beer before painting it, Bill. :-)

    I love the looseness of the tree in your landscape. You can actually the feel the wind blowing through them.

  6. Lisa B. says:

    Wow Bill, your paintings just keep getting better and better. This is fantastic. I especially like the very subtly painted building.

    Isn’t it interesting how people want to know what an artist was thinking? Nobody wants to know what J.K. Rowling was thinking when she wrote Harry Potter stories. Me? I’d like to know what congress was thinking when they gave AIG all that money.

  7. wrjones says:

    Susan – everything we do is selfish, including helping others which we do to make us feel good about our selves (well some people do anyway).

    Holly – Thanks.

    Jala – Whiffledust aside, thanks.

    Nava – he was pretentious as much of the “art” world is. I did have to pee. Then I got hungry. Then I dropped a brush and got paint on the floor. Then I got paint on me right after my wife told me not to so a wave of fear went through me. That part should definately show up in there somewhere.

    Lisa B. – Thanks. I want to know what J.K. Rowling’s husband was thinking when he left her. Bet he is thinking “NUTS” now. All EVERY memember of congress ever thinks about is how to line their own pockets.

  8. Bill Sharp says:

    Nice landscape, Bill. I particularly like how you managed the expanse of grass in the foreground. I often struggle with how to paint those areas in an interesting way and always notice how others do it.

    I’m often amused when I read an art critic’s interpretation of what a painter was thinking about. I imagine many painters have been surprised to hear what they thought as they worked or what they intended with a painting.

  9. Dar says:

    well, your painting is making me cry because I’m having some trees taken down as I type. The poor things, what have I done? I better go hug them before they go into the chipper. It’s a beautiful piece, Bill.

  10. Bill….. How right you are!!!
    Love the painting and the thoughts!!

  11. wrjones says:

    Bill – Thanks. I think the whole concept of a critic for painting, books, or movies is a way of filling tv/newprint space with something for lame people to read.

    Dar – It will be alright. You can plant some new trees. Thanks.

    Marian – Thank you.

  12. Carol King says:

    Thank God we always know what YOU are thinking about! Those trees, while beautiful, look like they are leaning a little to the left. I wonder what you were thinking about when you painted them. Maybe left wing liberal east coast elitists?

    Another great painting. I like the clouds and their interface with the trees.

  13. Amen! I totally agree!

  14. wrjones says:

    Carol – I had a kink in my neck when I painted the trees so naturally they lean to match the slant of my neck at the time. I never think about those egg sucking Commie east coast liberals on Wall Street going thru my life savings to make sure their bonuses are up to snuff. Ok, there were a few people in the mortgage industry here in California that pitched in doing their share to screw us all.

    Cara – Amen Amen and Awomen too. I’m surprised NOW hasn’t complained about that.

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