Economic Woes

by Lisa

beauty_beast_graph   “Beauty and the Beast”                   apx 22″ x 20″                      Graphite

In these trying times of economic woes, when hearts are a flutter with trepidation across the country, may we land with our lovely wings intact upon the knarly pumpkin of life.  Now THAT is profound don’t you think? Do you like how I pimped my drawing to a current of news? Rest assured, that is not why I drew it, but we have to name these posts something, and I might as well try to attract readers of the Huffington Post blog while I’m at it to jack up our numbers. I’m such a tramp.

Well I decided to post this drawing rather than the landscape I tried to paint in 30 mile an hour Santa Ana winds the other day. I decided to use a small canvas so I could finish quickly. It was 4×6. (You will notice that I am using past tense verbs here). Do you know what it’s like to paint a branch on a tree in the distance on a 4×6 inch canvas while the wind is blowing so hard that your easel is rattling like the snakes all around you? I don’t know why I keep trying this business of going outside to paint. The gods are simply not on  my side. They see me coming, and the knee slapping commences. “Here she comes!!!! Should we try a storm of locusts today? She just LOVES bugs. HAAAAAA…!!!!!!!!!

So I went back to my quiet, safe, bugfree little studio, with the thermostat, and finished my butterfly drawing. The drawing of such powerful political symbolism.

I feel so cheap.

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13 Responses to Economic Woes

  1. Rhonda says:

    No need to feel cheap, Lisa, you are just trying to gain acceptance and love and some props from your fellow bloggers – like we all are! The drawing is beautifully done: so delicate on the pumpkin and so strong and bold on the butterfly, exactly the opposite as I would think to do it. Stay inside, draw and paint – we like you better when you’re happy.

  2. That thing about “the knarly pumpkin of life” is sick, dude! Ride on! Awesome! Nice drawing too!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hey slut! I agree..shameless self-promotion is the only way to be! Today, mine is called “I’m not a faerie!” (lol, who am I aiming at?)

    Yes, it’s time for you to pick another subject..two blogs in a row with the word ecomony. How about swooning Ms. Huffington with something like, “Is Obama related to Carter?”

    So, then, is the butterfly a figurative symbol of the wind?

  4. Fantastic render….when you’re good you’re good…nothing wrong with self promoting. Keep up the wonderful work and humor..:)

  5. Lisa..
    Thanks again… I love to laugh wiith you…. Just think what you’re doing to improve the health of all of your readers when you describe your plein air efforts!
    Love the drawing!! (as always)

  6. Your commentary is thoroughly entertaining, but I do love this drawing even more.

  7. ivdanu says:

    It,s a marvelous drawing, Lisa! So subtle in values! but I don<t quite understand which is the beast and which the beauty? They are both beauties…sometimes – maybe this year, why not? – I think drawing is even better, more satisfying for the artist, as painting…Maybe I will draw all year long (since I don,t have much spare time it would be convenient)…

  8. lisa gloria says:

    I really like this drawing! Neat, the way you suppressed the values in the round form to highlight the butterfly. Looks awesome.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Lisa (also)

  9. kevmoore says:

    This is great Lisa, and I’m not sure why..its like its got a message but its just out of my reach, if you know what I mean…beautifully done.

  10. Dawn says:

    Beautiful drawing! I’m envious that your finding the time to get IN the studio!

  11. lbtowers says:

    Thank you all for your sweet comments. I’ll have you know you are just reinforcing my comfort as a studio painter, and the minute I step out into the wind and the heat I go “I don’t NEEEEED this”. Like a real snob.

    But I LOVE landscapes…

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